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cover of wrestling ensign part 2 enter the labyrinth


Extract from the male v male wrestling storybook wrestling Ensign part 2 enter the labyrinth available from battle annals.



Ensign Brad Redenski was a twenty-one year old newly qualified engineering Ensign for the Terran Empire and Commonwealth. His first assignment was on an Alteran Space Station in a far quadrant of the galaxy. He had been on the space station for a few months. He was the only human on the space station and one of only a handful of humans in the whole quadrant. That made Brad a curiosity and the fact that as human he was mammalian and Aleterans were reptilian, made him even more of a curiosity. They were fascinated by his warm blooded mammalian body, and in particular by his sexual organs as Aleterans were non-sexual. Brad had been a keen wrestler in his academy days and had even wrestled with other species while at the academy. Brad had not looked forward to his assignment as he would be the only human there for a long period and would not be able to wrestle for all that time. Alterans don’t were clothes and keep their living quarters at high and humid temperature.

Brad was forced to wear minimum clothes, shorts or underwear. This left his body almost naked to the delight of the Alterans. Added to this fact his medical on arrival at the space station the Alteran doctor for hygiene reasons had permanently removed all his body and genital hair. He even instructed Brad to keep the hair on his head as short as possible. They couldn’t and didn’t resist groping and exploring his warm blooded mammalian naked and hairless body, particularly his genitals. They were fascinated at the way his genitals responded to stimulation and intrigued that if they kept it up long enough and made him cum. Being asexual this was all new to them and Brad was frequently groped and caressed to ejaculation.

Brad discovered after a few weeks that the Alterans had a fighting network on their internet system called the gladiator forum, the nearest human word to the Alteran meaning. Brad joined the forum and posted an ad. He was sure of his capability against the reptilian Alterans, although slim they looked formidable opponents. Brad's previous bouts against other species had always ended in defeat, both of them. However his first challenge and bout was not with an Alteran as he had expected. It was against Leo a Solarian. Solarians had no genitals or any other discernible feature on their mottled orange skin save their eyes, mouths and noses. Leo wrestled naked Brad in a brief, tight pair of blue speedos. Leo proved stronger, more lithe and supple than Brad and it became a one sided match with Leo working Brad over in various holds. Leo took particular pleasure in teasing and abusing Brad’s balls until he made Brad cum. Brad was beaten stripped and made to cum many times by Leo. Leo a Solarian another non-sexual species was fascinated with Brad's sexual organs and their control over his body when continually stimulated or abused.

Brad’s second bout had been with an Alteran. The Alteran’s name was Mazurat, who called himself the deadly crusher on the gladiator forum. Mazurat like all Alterans was reptilian and cold blooded, Leo although Solarian had been hot blooded with a hotter metabolism than humans. Alterans were bipolar or humanoid, a head, two arms, two legs, walking upright. Their skin was clearly reptilian green and although the same texture as a snake, the skin colour resembled that of a frog or toad. Their arms and upper bodies were quite thin in human terms, no signs of heavy muscle, Their legs were also quite thin. Alterans had long thin fingers half as long again as human fingers. Alterans physically by human terms looked an easy wrestle, but looks and size were deceiving particularly with reptilians. Alterans posed a tough challenge, even tougher than Leo the Solarian. Humans had a distinct disadvantage, their genitals, their cock and balls, were vulnerable and Alterans wouldn’t hesitate using that fat against a human opponent. Also when Brad met Mazurat on the mats, Mazurat insisted Brad wrestle naked. With little choice but wrestle nude or call it off Brad wrestled the Alteran nude with his genitals exposed and vulnerable.

Brad’s human mammalian body was not a match for Mazurat’s Alteran reptilian one and he easily overpowered Brad making him submit many times. Mazurat was fascinated with Brad’s soft strange mammalian body and took every opportunity to explore it and tease and torment every sensitive part. Mazurat mastered Brad making him suffer both physically and sexually. The Alteran found he had a taste for Brad’s sweat, pre-cum fluid and spunk, sampling and tasting all three as he made his helpless human opponent cum. That was a couple of weeks ago and Mazurat told Brad he would put a good word in for him on the gladiator forum. Mazurat was sure lots of Alterans would want to wrestle Brad when he told them what a tasty treat it would be. Brad had expected to be inundated with offers but had heard nothing or received invitations or challenges. Brad sat at his console pondering what he would do, how he would get another wrestle, when a pop up message appeared on his screen.

Hi Ensign. You have been recommended by Deadly Crusher as a good and interesting wrestle. You may have heard talk of the labyrinth on the forum message boards. I run the labyrinth. It is the ultimate place to wrestle and we specialise in inter-species contests. If interested please reply to this message. Sender the Sentinel.

Brad was definitely intrigued and more than interested as what little snippets he’d picked up about the labyrinth were all exciting to say the least. Instead of replying with a text message, Brad hit the call option. An Alteran face appeared on his screen. “Yes how can I help you”, the Alteran said staring intently at Brad. “Are you the Sentinel?”, Brad asked. “Yes, what do you want”, the Alteran replied. “I’m Ensign Brad Redenski, you sent me a message about the labyrinth”, Brad replied. “Yes I know who you are”, the Alteran said. “You are interested in the labyrinth then?” Sentinel asked. “Yes, what exactly is it and how do you get to see it or use it?”, Brad asked. “Its a specially constructed arena for fighting, opponents fight, mainly different species, while members watch for enjoyment or wager on the outcome”, Sentinel replied. “You have to be invited or sponsored”, Sentinel added. “Could I come along and watch a bout?”, Brad asked. “Nobody but me and my assistants actually witness the bouts in the labyrinth fist hand”, Sentinel replied. “They are all viewed via video links”, he added. “May I watch a bout by video?”, Brad asked. “No Ensign”, Sentinel replied. “Well what can I do to see the labyrinth?”, Brad asked. “I was coming to that Ensign”, Sentinel replied.

There was short pause, Brad felt the hackles on the back of his neck rise as he waited for the Sentinels answer, anticipating all kinds of exciting things that the Sentinel might have in mind. “I’m afraid only members and sponsors can watch the bouts”, Sentinel said. “However you will be pleased to know someone has sponsored you to fight”, Sentinel added. “What in the labyrinth?”, Brad asked excitedly. “No, not this time Ensign, but if you do well and the sponsor is pleased with the bout, I will sponsor you to fight in the labyrinth?”, Sentinel replied. “OK what’s the bout then?”, Brad asked. “It’s a private bout for members to view only”, Sentinel replied. “Against another species?”, Brad asked. “Yes but another mammalian this time”, Sentinel replied. “Could even be considered a very distant cousin of yours”, he added. “Another human here in this quadrant?”, Brad asked surprised and intrigued. “No a simian. I believe the species is called on your planet”, Sentinel replied. “An ape”, Brad exclaimed. “But their wild animals”, he added. “On your planet maybe but these simians or apes, are intelligent, reasoning, able to talk, also use and deploying modern technology”, Sentinel stated. “The sponsor wants to see one mammalian against another, that’s the deal take it or leave it Ensign”, Sentinel said.

Brad stayed silent, thinking he didn’t like the idea but he wanted to see and wrestle in the labyrinth, this would give him that chance. “OK, Sentinel, …. “I’ll do it”, Brad said. “Good Ensign I’m sure you would”, Sentinel said. “Your opponent the simian will be here in three days' time”, Sentinel added. “So soon”, Brad said. “Yes is that a problem for you, will you be available on that day?”, Sentinel asked. “No its fine I can get time off. They owe me lots of leave”, Brad replied. “Good, be ready in the late afternoon, brief attire only, I will contact you then”, Sentinel replied. “Good, I’ll look forward to it”, Brad said. The screen cleared Sentinel had cut the link. Brad wondered what he was letting himself in for, for the next three days, his anticipation making him constantly excited, much to the amusement of the Alterans on the space station. He sat waiting on the afternoon of the third day, dressed in a pair of brief, tight fitting, white cotton briefs. His console buzzed indicating an incoming message. Brad opened the screen, Sentinel’s face stared back at him. “Are you ready Ensign?”, Sentinel asked. “Yes, where do I have to go”, Brad replied. “I’m sending you the co-ordinates, feed them into your computer and have it transport you there”, Sentinel said. “I will, thank you”, Brad replied.

Brad fed the co-ordinates into his computer and ordered it to transport him there. Brad materialised in a large room with a high ceiling, the floor was covered with thick matting ideal for wrestling and fighting. There was no furniture in the room and no doors. Clearly the only way in or out was by transportation. There were only two other beings in the room. Sentinel an Alteran, Brad recognised his face. The other was a simian or ape, no doubt his opponent. The simian did resemble ape from earth is some respects. It had thick red fur, a head and face like a chimpanzee. It didn’t wear any clothing and it's genitals were clearly visible. But it stood upright like a human, and his bright intelligent eyes almost piercing as they stared at Brad. A wide simian grin filled its face as it looked at Brad.

Brad couldn’t help staring at the simian's genitals. They were not dissimilar to his own, being bright orange and totally hairless. He’d grown so used to the non-sexual Alterans that seeing a being with sexual organs was unusual, particularly one with similar ones to his own. “Hi Brad, ..this is Jaylo”, Sentinel said introducing the simian. “Jaylo this is Brad”, Sentinel said to Jaylo. “Hi Jaylo you must be my simian opponent”, Brad said. “Yes Brad, I am, you must be my naked ape, or should I say human opponent”, Jaylo replied. “I am”, Brad said. They stared at each other for a few minutes looking each other up and down. The more Brad looked the more impressed he was with Jaylo realising he would be a formidable opponent. He kept glancing down at Jaylo’s groin, that remained limp and flaccid, but he felt himself stiffening slightly in his tight, briefs and hoped it wouldn’t become too obvious.

Brad was conscious of Jaylo’s eyes studying his body and this only made his cock stiffen a little more. Brad was glad he wore briefs, as naked his growing excitement would have been obvious. Another simian grin crossed Jaylo’s face as if he were reading Brad’s thoughts.

OK, please take opposite corners of the mats”, Sentinel said breaking the silence. “Mats”, Brad asked confused as the whole floor was covered in the matting material. Then he noticed a large square of mats six metres by six metres, raised off the floor by about fifty millimetres, in the very centre of the room. Jaylo was already walking to the far end, Brad made for the nearest corner opposite the one Jaylo was heading for. “OK, this will be a fight to the finish, to see who is the strongest mammalian, human or simian”, Sentinel stated. “It will pit human ingenuity and intelligent evolution, against simian base instinct and brute strength”, Sentinel added. He was clearly addressing cameras in the ceiling as well as the two opponents. “Ensign Brad Redenski, engineer on the space station will fight for the humans”, Sentinel announced pointing to Brad’s corner. Jaylo pack leader of the Similarian entourage will fight for the simians”, Sentinel added, pointing to Jaylo’s corner. “OK Brad remove those please, this will be an Alteran rules match with no clothing allowed”, Sentinel said pointing to Brad’s tight, white, cotton briefs. “OK”, Brad replied, a little shocked and self-conscious. He slipped his briefs down to his knees and let them drop to the mats before kicking them clear of the mats.

Oh yes indeed, ..this match just got a lot more interesting”, Jaylo said staring at Brad’s genitals with a full simian leer on his face. “Sentinel if I win I want him as my prize for the night”, Jaylo said to Sentinel. “Agreed”, Sentinel replied. “What do I get if I win”, Brad asked, a little taken aback by Jaylo’s bold statement and clear sign of sexual lust after his body. “You get to see me torture this simian and shave his hairy body, and make the hair loss permanent”, Sentinel replied. “It was Jaylo’s turn to look aggrieved and concerned. “Agreed”, Brad said smiling at Jaylo. “OK you have seen the fighters, know the match and rules. Time to make your wagers”, Sentinel said to the cameras. “OK time to start your bout, and may the best mammalian win”, Sentinel said. “Don’t worry I will”, Jaylo replied. “I intend to have the naked human ape in more ways then one”, Jaylo added. “You haven’t won yet”, Brad said moving out of his corner. “No human but I soon will”, Jaylo relied moving out of his own corner.

Although Jaylo moved like a human his physiology was much more like a chimpanzee or ape as Brad found out to his cost. They came together in a classic wrestling embrace, arms and shoulders locked. Jaylo gave Brad a full simian grin as they tested each other’s strength. Jaylo was incredibly strong but Brad was able to counter him but only just. “You’re weak Ensign, as weak as you look”, Jaylo said as he forced Brad back a couple of steps. “Maybe but its not all brute strength”, Brad replied battling to hold his ground. “No, Ensign?”, Jaylo asked as he stared to force Brad's shoulders down despite Brad’s best efforts to stop him. “No Jaylo”, Brad replied, bringing his knee up into Jaylo’s belly. Jaylo grunted and gave ground, but didn’t double over like Brad hoped and expected. Brad decided to go on the offensive while he had the chance. Before Jaylo had fully regained his composure Brad reached down and grabbed Jaylo’s ankles. Brad yanked Jaylo’s legs from under him dropping him to the mats. Jaylo gasped in surprise then grunted as his bum hit the mats hard. “See what I mean”, Brad said.

Brad gasped when he felt his wrists grasped tightly. What. That’s impossible he thought, and he had hold of Jaylo’s ankles, and Jaylo’s arms were still on the mats above his head. Brad stared in shock, Jaylo feet were locked on his wrists in a tight grip. Jaylo’s feet wee just like a chimpanzee’s almost as dexterous as their hands. “Shit”, Brad moaned as Jaylo tightened his grip making Brad release his ankles. “Yes Ensign”, Jaylo said sitting up grabbing Brad a round the throat with both hands. “Fuck”, Brad gasped as Jaylo’s strong hands started to choke him. Brad tried to free his wrists but Jaylo’s grip was too tight. “No my little naked ape”, Jaylo said with a simian grin as he squeezed hard making it almost impossible for Brad to breathe. Brad was in trouble already, he couldn’t free his hands and Jaylo was choking him. Brad weakened, dropped to his knees. Brad weakened with every second, as Jaylo continued to choke him. His cock was stiffening as rapidly as his air was running out. “Just a little longer Ensign”, Jaylo said eyes beaming as Brad’s body started to relax and his knees started to sag.

Please”, Brad croaked almost about to pass out, his cock now fully erect, powered by a toxic mixture of fear and excitement. “Sorry Ensign there are no rules, no submissions, no mercy and no way you can stop me”, Jaylo replied releasing Brad’s wrists and throat, letting Brad slump to the mats. Brad dropped to the mats gasping for breath, he rolled onto his back, hands rubbing his throat, cock jutting up straight from his groin. “Wow, Ensign I didn’t know humans liked being choked so much”, Jaylo said when he noticed Brad’s erect cock standing to attention. “A bit small but very nice”, Jaylo said grabbing hold of Brad’s cock and squeezing it. “Oh shit no, ….my cock”, Brad gasped, his hands letting go of his throat and moving to protect his cock and balls. That was all Jaylo was waiting for, he opened his legs and wrapped them around Brad’s head.

But now I do, …..I’ll do some more”, Jaylo said trapping Brad’s head between his hard, hairy thighs. Jaylo flexed his thigh muscles, they looked quite small and compact compared to Brad’s. But as Brad found out to his cost they were solid and powerful as they crushed his head between them. “Oh fuck”, Brad croaked clawing desperately at Jaylo’s crushing hairy thighs.

Oh yes naked ape boy, a nice hard head scissors to hurt and excite you”, Jaylo said squeezing Brad’s head between his thighs. Brad knew Jaylo had him, Jaylo’s thighs were almost as powerful as an Alterans and Brad knew he wouldn’t be able to resist long. Jaylo kept squeezing, increasing the pressure making Brad weaker as pressure on his skull made him light headed. Brad was getting weaker and weaker, starting to slip away and he knew he couldn’t submit to escape, he couldn’t do anything. Brad, his head under intense pressure so much he was sure Jaylo would crack his skull, felt his body start to relax. Jaylo was putting him out and he was helpless to stop it. The only part of Brad’s body that didn’t relax was his hard, throbbing cock, that stayed defiantly erect. Brad had been desperately clawing at Jaylo’s crushing thighs. As his body relaxed, shut down by the intense pressure on his head, he stopped clawing and his arms dropped limp to the mats. “Got you Ensign, …my little naked ape”, Jaylo said gleefully when Brad’s arms dropped to the mats.

Mmmm you have nipples like me, …..smaller like your cock but they do look nice and sensitive”, Jaylo said poking Brad’s left nipple with his finger tip. Jaylo clasped Brad’s left nipple between his forefinger and thumb rolling it around and squeezing it. Jaylo loved the way Brad’s body tensed as he toyed with his nipple even though Brad’s body was weak and close to passing out. Jaylo liked the way Brad’s body flinched in response to him pinching Brad’s nipples. Jaylo started on both of Brad’s nipples while keeping him in the tight crushing head scissors. Jaylo liked the way Brad’s nipples quickly became stiff and erect from his stimulating fingers. “This is nice and its fun”, Jaylo said as he mercilessly teased Brad’s nipples. “But its time to put you out little naked monkey boy”, Jaylo said flexing his thigh muscles, squeezing harder, until Brad’s body went completely limp. “OK now you are out of it, ..its time to have a better look at your cock and balls naked monkey boy”, Jaylo said releasing Brad from his head scissors.

Brad lay on the mats on his back limp and unconscious, defenceless and totally vulnerable. Jaylo knelt between Brad’s legs and started to spread them apart. He didn’t stop until he had Brad’s legs spread wide apart almost in the full splits, which was easy, as his body was unconscious and relaxed. Jaylo used his left shoulder and both feet to keep Brad’s legs spread wide. With his legs spread wide Brad’s cock and balls were completely exposed and defenceless. His hard cock, poked up in the air from his hairless groin and his hairless balls hung vulnerable below. Jaylo smiled licking his lips and a cruel simian smile crossed his face as he reached out for Brad’s excited, defenceless cock. Jaylo grasped Brad’s hard cock in his right hand and squeezed it, and liked the way he made it get even harder. Jaylo noticed Brad’s foreskin easing back as he squeezed Brad’s cock. Intrigued, Jaylo peeled it all the way back exposing Brad's slick naked cock head. The grin and look on Jaylo’s face became positively evil as he stared at Brad’s peeled cock head. He teased it with his forefinger, caressing the tip of the arrowhead, making pre-cum fluid dribble from the tip.

Jaylo let go of Brad’s throbbing, excited cock and clasped his scrotum instead. He used his finger to probe Brad’s balls, rolling Brad’s scrotum around in his hand. Jaylo squeezed making Brad’s body flinch and twist even though he was still unconscious. “Mmm a humans cock and balls are even more sensitive than a Similarians”, Jaylo said to himself as he continued to play with Brad’s balls making Brad’s body flinch in response. Jaylo felt Brad’s body start to tense and knew Brad was coming round. “I know the perfect way to welcome the Ensign back”, Jaylo said with another wicked simian grin. Jaylo grabbed Brad’s hard cock with his right hand and Brad’s balls with his left, and continued to play with both. “Oh fuck what happened”, Brad moaned, coughing as he came to. “I put you out Ensign, you were too weak to withstand my head scissors”, Jaylo replied. “Fuck, ….tell me about it”, Brad moaned hands clasping his face. “Oh shit, my groin is killing me, just like my balls”, Brad gasped. Brad glanced down at his lower body and saw his legs spread apart and Jaylo holding his cock and balls. “Oh fuck no”, Brad moaned helplessly. “Yes naked little monkey boy. While you were out, I decided to have a little fun with your weak, soft, sensitive body”, Jaylo replied.

Oh shit, come on, let me go please”, Brad moaned. “No, not yet, Ensign, I haven’t finished exploring your body yet”, Jaylo replied. “I have one more thing to explore”, Jaylo added probing Brad’s arse with his forefinger. “Hey no, don’t do that”, Brad protested as Jaylo forced the tip of his forefinger up Brad’s arse. Brad couldn’t help squirming and gasping as Jaylo’s finger probed his arse. “Why Ensign you seem to be enjoying it?”, Jaylo asked, pushing his finger deeper into Brad’s arse. Brad gasped and shivered in excitement as Jaylo continued to probe Brad’s arse with his finger. “Please don’t, please stop”, Brad moaned a little less than convincingly. “Mmmm, you’re just like other young males when I master and subdue them”, Jaylo said. “Yes and just like them when I’ve mastered you Ensign I’m going to fuck you stupid”, Jaylo added.

Jaylo forced his forefinger all the way in, loving the way he made Brad squirm helplessly. Brad’s cock was even harder now leaking pre-cum fluid from the slick, flaring, peeled tip. Jaylo pulled his finger out of Brad’s arse and tickled his cock head, before releasing Brad from the painful groin stretch. “Time to wrestle you some more, ……get up”, Jaylo said climbing to his feet.

Brad lay on his back gasping for breath, very close to ejaculation. “Get up and wrestle Ensign, that’s why we are here”, Jaylo said as he stood over Brad. “No, give me a chance to get my breath back”, Brad replied. “No, naked monkey boy, get up now, .. or I’ll start on you where you are”, Jaylo said. “I thought you’d say that you bastard”, Brad replied struggling to his knees not wishing to be attacked while lying on his back. “Then why did you take so long to get up then Ensign?”, Jaylo asked, grabbing Brad’s right arm and dragging Brad to his feet. “Needed the rest”, Brad replied panting heavily, shaking off Jaylo’s grip on his arm. “Lets wrestle Ensign”, Jaylo said. “OK, ….OK”, Brad replied wiping the sweat from his brow, with his right hand. “No I mean right now Ensign”, Jaylo added. Jaylo stepped in close and wrapped his arms around Brad’s waist trapping Brad in a bear hug before he had a chance to resist. “Too slow Ensign, ……far too slow”, Jaylo said flexing his arm muscles and squeezing Brad’s ribs and lower back. “Oh shit that hurts”, Brad groaned as Jaylo crushed Brad’s waist with his bear hug. “That’s because its meant to Ensign”, Jaylo replied squeezing harder and pulling Brad tight into his body. Brad’s hairless human chest was pressed against Jaylo’s hairy simian chest, naked, shaved human genitals pressed against hairless simian genitals. “Fuck, my back”, Brad gasped grabbing Jaylo’s forearms and futilely trying to prise them open.

Oh no Ensign, you’re not getting out of my little rib tickling squeeze that easy”, Jaylo said keeping the crushing bear hug tightly applied to Brad’s waist. Brad couldn’t make any impression on Jaylo’s arms and just got weaker and weaker as Jaylo squeezed harder. Brad’s cock got harder as Jaylo squeezed harder, Brad’s hard excited cock was pressing into Jaylo semi-erect cock and was being excitedly squeezed between their bodies. “Ensign humans’ are just too weak to wrestle simians it seems”, Jaylo said as Brad’s arms dropped limp at his sides and his body relaxed. “You can’t even withstand my bear hug”, Jaylo added as Brad hung limp in his arms. Jaylo released Brad’s waist and he dropped to the mats with a dull thud and lay there moaning. “It seem the only thing that is defying me is your cock that has stayed resolutely hard”, Jaylo said staring down at Brad’s hard, excited cock, poking up in the air from his hairless groin. I’m not a total loss then?”, Brad asked staring up at Jaylo’s flaccid cock. “No not in every way Ensign”, Jaylo replied. “However I can’t have a human cock outshining a simian cock can I ”, Jaylo added, his orange hairless cock starting to stiffen and expand quickly.

Jaylo’s simian cock kept growing until it was half as long as Brad’s again and twice as thick, it jutted out from Jaylo’s hairy groin like a lance of hot throbbing simian flesh. “Shit”, Brad said gasping shock as he stared up at Jaylo’s large thick simian cock, jutting out for his hairy crotch. “Yes its time to go cock to cock, simian v human, Ensign”, Jaylo said. “I know just the thing to do it as well”, Jaylo added. Jaylo dropped to the mats and climbed on top of Brad. He pressed Brad’s arms to the mats above his head and slipped his legs between Brad’s. Jaylo entwined their ankles and spread Brad’s legs apart with a grapevine. Brad groaned as Jaylo spread his legs apart with the grapevine, spreading them wide straining Brad’s groin. Jaylo was lying full length on top of Brad, with Brad’s legs spread wide with his grapevine. Jaylo’s larger, thicker, hairless orange simian cock was pressing down on Brad’s smaller, thinner, hairless human cock. Brad moaned excitedly as Jaylo’s larger thicker simian cock pinned his smaller, thinner human cock beneath it. Jaylo’s simian cock easily mastered Brad’s human cock as easily as Jaylo’s simian body had mastered Brad’s human body.

Got you Ensign got your cock, got it where it belongs, under mine”, Jaylo said, a wicked simian grin set on his face as Brad squirmed helplessly underneath him. “Going to give to me again Ensign?”, Jaylo asked. “No I won’t”, Brad replied weakly, but defiantly. “Won’t you naked little monkey boy, ..won’t you”, Jaylo said. Jaylo pushed with his arms, stretching Brad’s arms and shoulders, he forced Brad’s legs wider apart with his grapevine. Jaylo used his harder thicker, cock to grind Brad’s smaller, thinner cock into Brad’s belly. “Oh shit, ..oh fuck”, gasped excitedly battling not submit under the tough three way assault. “How about now Ensign?”, Jaylo asked as Brad twisted and writhed underneath him. “No, …no”, Brad replied his body dripping with sweat as he fought to resist. “Come on monkey boy, we both know you are close to submitting, as close as you are to ejaculating”, Jaylo said. “Give now while you still have the choice of both or I will take both from you”, Jaylo warned. “OK, …OK, ….. I give, …. I give”, Brad gasped softly. “Thanks, little naked monkey boy”, Jaylo replied.

Although Brad had submitted Jaylo didn’t release him from the arm and shoulder stretch, grapevine, and cock pin. He kept Brad in the draining painful three-way hold, loving the way it made Brad writhe helplessly underneath him. “Come on, I gave. You have to break the hold”, Brad croaked hoarsely now even closer to ejaculation. “Do I Ensign?”, Jaylo asked, his eyes twinkling, his face set in a mocking simian grin. “Yes, you’re right I do”, Jaylo replied answering his own question after a few seconds of silence except for Brad’s squirming moans of excitement and pain. Jaylo released Brad and stood up. Brad sighed as the pressure was taken off his arms and shoulders and he was able to close his widely spread legs. But Brad’s greatest relief was having Jaylo’s larger, thicker simian cock off his smaller, thinner human cock as it was on the brink of ejaculation.

My, Ensign you’re not much of a wrestle, …. well competition wise anyway”, Jaylo said as he stood over Brad. “Humans are weaker than simians not only physically but sexually as well it seems”, Jaylo added as he stared at Brad hard, excited cock still leaking copious amounts of pre-cum fluid. “I try my best”, Brad replied breathless all too aware of Jaylo’s simian eyes staring at his embarrassingly excited cock. “You clearly like losing and being mastered, …your excitement is so blatantly obvious”, Jaylo said. “Your little human cock is subservient to mine and I don’t have an erection”, Jaylo added. Brad didn’t reply, he just lay there, face red with embarrassment. “Don’t tell me Ensign, want more time to recover again?”, Jaylo asked. “Yes of course I’m knackered”, Brad replied. “Well you’re not going to get it Ensign”, Jaylo said dropping to his knees beside Brad. Jaylo knelt on one knee beside Brad and reached down slipping his arms under Brad’s neck and upper thighs. Jaylo hoisted Brad up by his arms and draped him over his right knee. “I’ve had lots of fun watching human wrestling archive tapes and plenty of time perfecting the moves with younger male simians”, Jaylo said as he trapped Brad in a cross knee back breaker.

By Friar copyright 2008

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cover of black on white squash job part 2 available from battle annals


extract from the male v male wrestling story black on white squash job part 2 available from battle annals

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cover of his the male v male wrestling story second fight available from battle annals


extract from the male v male wrestling story black his second match available from battle annals



Paul walked into the mat room, threw his water bottle down in one corner and began his warm-up routines. He’d changed already into his wrestling gear for the night’s bout. Paul’s new yellow trunks were sheer and low cut, nicely showing the line of his impressive basket. His matching yellow socks showed over the top of his black soft leather boots. The tracksuit top was also yellow with black trim. At the moment he was wearing his towel round his neck. He liked that, it reminded him of the way pro wrestlers entered the ring.

Methodically he worked his way through his stretching exercises, bending low to touch his toes, twisting his trunk to left and right, gently rotating his neck. If past experience was anything to go by he was in for a wringer of a match tonight and he wanted to be sure his body was up to it.

The door opened and Phillip walked in. Paul stopped in mid stretch, startled at the sight of him. His eyes opened even wider as he took in just how Phillip was dressed: trunks, boots and tracksuit top, just like himself, ready to wrestle. “Hello Paul”, Phillip said with that smile of his.

“Hi”, Paul replied uncertainly. “You look surprised, expecting someone else?”, Phillip asked, Paul nodded. “Yeah. I was supposed to be meeting Steve here tonight”, Paul answered. Phillip closed the door behind him. “Steve’s been unavoidably detained”, Phillip said. He walked slowly into the room, moving right up to Paul. Paul looked nervous but refused to back away by so much as an inch. “Looks like it’s just the two of us”, Phillip said “Yeah”, Paul replied.

Phillip looked Paul slowly up and down, taking in the smooth, tanned skin of his legs, and the delicious bulge in his trunks. “Those new trunks or are you just pleased to see me?” Phillip drawled. “Perhaps I’m just remembering what I did to you last time we met big guy, remember?”, Paul replied.

Phillip slowly rubbed the front of his trunks. “Yeah, I remember, It took two of you as I recall”, Phillip replied. “You had to have Steve pin me down kid”, Phillip added. “You were whipped anyway”, Paul stated. “Yeah, So, reckon you can do the same again now, on your own?”, Phillip asked. Paul’s eyes darted nervously in the direction of the door. Phillip was standing in front of it, blocking his exit.

“What’s the matter kid? You’re looking nervous”, Phillip asked with a knowing smile. Phillip slowly pulled down the zip on his track suit top, easing it off over his shoulders and threw it into one corner. Paul took in the sight of Phillip standing there in wrestling gear, ready to grapple. Unconsciously Paul’s hand moved down to the front of his own trunks. He swallowed, “I can take you again, any time”, Paul replied. He reached for the zip of his track suit.

Phillip reached over and took hold of Paul’s hand, stopping him from pulling the zip down. “Lets just make one thing clear kid”, Phillip said. “You start a bout with me tonight and you’d better make sure you’re ready to finish it - you know what I mean?”, Phillip said. Paul looked Phillip steadily in the eye. He swallowed again then nodded. “Yeah”, Paul replied quietly.

“Right”, Phillip said slowly pulling Paul’s zip the rest of the way down and peeling off his tracksuit top. Phillip drank in the sight of Paul’s smooth skin, cut pecs and washboard abs. Not a great deal of meat but beautifully defined. The two of them stood there, so close each could feel the heat from the other’s body on the skin of his naked chest. Phillip reached out slowly and placed his hands on Paul’s arse. Paul reached out for Phillip in the same way. Neither of them broke eye contact. They moved closer to each other. Their already tenting trunks brushing against each other. Paul ran his hands up and down Phillip’s back, closing his eyes. Phillip softly squeezed Paul’s buttocks, gently massaging them. “Like this Paul?” Phillip whispered. Paul nodded and sighed. He stepped in a little closer. Phillip let his hands move up Paul’s smooth back. Paul moaned quietly. “I didn’t expect this”, he whispered.

“OK Paul, lets run over the rules when you took me with Steve last time and I’m out for revenge”, Phillip said. “It was a fair win and you knew the consequences for losing”, Paul replied. “Yeah it was a fair win boy”, Phillip said. “Just like my defeat of you will be a fair win”, he added. “If you win you mean”, Paul replied. “No when I win”, Phillip stated as he ran his hand over Paul’s tight firm buttocks.

“Have you got some more trunks with you Paul ?”, Phillip asked. “Yes but why don’t you like my new speedos then”, Paul replied. “Yeah they’re real sexy, but you’re going to need several changes of trunks by the time this bouts over” Phillip said. “The aim of this bout is to get as many submissions as you can”, Phillip said. “Of course I always do”, Paul replied running his hands over the back of Phillip’s navy speedos. “Yes but in this match the aim is to make each other come as many times as possible in our trunks”, Phillip stated. “So you’re going to need several changes unless you want to wrestle either naked or in spunk soaked trunks”, he added. “I’ve got enough don’t worry, but have you?”, Paul replied.

Phillip leaned in closer still, bringing his lips closer to Paul’s ear as if to kiss. “Here’s something else you didn’t expect”, Phillip whispered back. And then he struck, with lightning speed. Phillip grasped his hands behind Paul’s back and clamped on a vicious bear hug, crushing Paul’s slim waist with his meaty arms. Trapped and helpless Paul realised too late that the bout had begun. “Well, you literally walked into that one Paul”, Phillip gloated.

“Bastard”, Paul gasped, struggling in vain against Phillip’s powerful arms as they drew him in tighter and tighter, squeezing the life’s breath from him. “This is me, Phillip”, Phillip cried. “Not Steve, time for gently and softly later, maybe”, Phillip added. “First there’s a little matter of pay back, and here is where it starts”, Phillip continued. Cruelly Phillip upped the pressure on his victim, grinning broadly at the sight and feel of his young opponent writhing and struggling.

As his vision fogged over, Paul could only gasp for breath and wonder desperately if he had made the biggest mistake in his life going one on one with Phillip with no tag partner to bail him out. Phillip continued to crush Paul’s waist with his bear hug really piling on the pressure. Phillip smiled into Paul’s concerned and contorted face. “Well Paul how’s your back boy?”, Phillip whispered in his ear and smiling at his painful gasp as Phillip suddenly snapped more pressure. “Ohhh my back, my back”, Paul groaned. “You may be hurting boy but you’re loving it”, Phillip said he could feel Paul’s hard cock pressing against his belly.

Paul shuddered weakly and Phillip felt Paul’s iron hard cock twitch as it was pressed harder into his belly. Phillip snapped more pressure on drawing another painful gasp from Paul. Phillip now had Paul’s upper body hanging back over his arms twitching and writhing in agony from the pressure on Paul’s lower back. “Ohhh my back you bastard”, Paul gasped as another shudder of pain ran though his aching and highly excited body. “Hot for it boy, don’t worry your going to get it all right”, Phillip whispered in his ear. “Just let me go you bastard”, Paul croaked in reply. “Of course boy anything you say”, Phillip replied.

Phillip opened his arms and let Paul drop to the ring. Paul grunted as he hit the canvas jarring his already tender lower back. Paul slumped full out and rolled onto his back. Phillip pressed his booted foot onto Paul’s hard excited cock, clearly visible in his sexy sheer yellow trunks. It was as stiff as a poker sticking up straight in his trunks threatening to burst out of the waist band at any second.

Phillip pressed down rolling Paul’s hard cock under his boot. Paul gasped and shuddered as Phillip pressed his boot into Paul’s cock. “Ohh god my cock, my cock”, Paul moaned as his hands grabbed Phillip’s boot. Paul held onto Phillip’s boot but didn’t try to pull it off his cock even though Phillip continued to grind Paul’s cock beneath his boot.

“Oh god please my cock, please”, Paul gasped. Precum fluid was leaking from the hard bloated tip staining his sheer yellow trunks. “I’m going to drain you boy, drain you more times than you thought possible”, Phillip said. “You’re going to know just what its like to suffer forced ejaculation after forced ejaculation” Phillip added, the excitement thick in his voice. Phillip could feel Paul’s hard excited cock twitching beneath his boot and knew Paul was close to coming.

“Looks like these new trunks aren’t going to last very long boy”, Phillip said. “Going to christen them with your hot spunk for me boy?”, Phillip asked. “Not if I can help it”, Paul gasped in reply recovering and trying to pull Phillip’s boot off his hard twitching cock. “Want to wrestle me then boy?”, Phillip asked. “You bet Phillip”, Paul replied lifting Phillip’s foot off his all but exploding cock. “Careful Paul I could lose my balance”, Phillip said. “You think I care if you do?”, Paul asked. “You should do boy”, Philip replied dropping down and driving his knee into Paul’s stomach. “Ooooooooof”, Paul gasped as the wind was driven out of him by the vicious knee drop.

Paul tried to double up but Phillip pushed him back down and held him down with a throat lock. “Stay there boy and enjoy the full ride”, Phillip said, holding Paul down and forcing him to endure the burning agony in his belly without the luxury of doubling over. “Ohh you cunt, just you wait”, Paul croaked, his voice barely audible. “I haven’t got that long boy” Phillip replied climbing astride Paul’s chest and pinning his arms to the canvas above his head. Phillip pushed on Paul’s arms stretching them and straining his shoulder joints making him groan. “Yeah boy your going to suffer and I know your going to like it”, Phillip said smiling down into Paul’s red sweating face.

Phillip inched forward until Paul’s head was trapped deep between his thighs, his crotch was brushing against Paul’s chin. Phillip flexed his thigh muscles and crushed Paul’s head making him gasp and shudder. Paul’s head was forced into Phillip’s crotch, his hard cock was pressed into Paul’s face. “How do you like my cock in your face boy?”, Phillip asked. “Mmmmph, ....unnn, ....mmmm”, Paul muttered in reply. “Of course I’ll keep it on a long time Paul, anything you say”, Phillip said. “Mmmmph,... mmm,... mmmm”, Paul mumbled again. “Yeah I know you like it, your cock is so hard”, Phillip said reaching back and grasping Paul’s iron hard cock. Paul shuddered and muttered a gasp escaped from his lips as Phillip mauled his hard excited cock. Phillip smiled down into Paul’s wide staring eyes. Phillip could see fear in Paul’s eyes as he held Paul totally smothered by his crotch unable to breathe. Paul was too well pinned and too weak to do anything about it, he knew Phillip could smother him until he passed out or even longer if he wished. “Yeah boy you know it and your cocks nearly coming at the thought of it”, Phillip said smiling into Paul’s face.

Several excited shudders ran through Paul’s sweating body, making his cock twitch in his tight sheer yellow trunks. The damp stain of precum was starting to spread across the front of his sexy yellow trunks. Phillip held the choking crotch smother on even though Paul’s eyes begged and implored Phillip to release him. Phillip didn’t ease off the choking smother until he felt Paul’s body start to relax, removing his crotch at the last second just before Paul passed out totally. “Lights out boy, and you won’t believe it when you come round”, Phillip said with an evil grin. He clamped the smother back on and waited until Paul’s body went limp.

Phillip knelt down beside Paul and lifted Paul’s limp semiconscious body over his right knee. Phillip bent Paul’s limp relaxed body right over his knee locking Paul’s legs between his own. Phillip pressed Paul’s upper body down bending Paul’s back painfully over his knee. In Paul’s relaxed state Phillip was able to bend his back in a tighter arc than normal. Phillip had Paul locked in a very acute and painful across the knee back breaker. Phillip held Paul’s upper body down with his left hand, leaving his right hand free to work on the slim sexy body that was now at his mercy.

While Phillip waited for Paul to come round he started to play with Paul’s nipples, pinching and twisting them between his fingers. Phillip soon had Paul’s nipples hard and erect, he teased the solid buds mercilessly between his fingers. Paul’s body shivered and he moaned softly even though he was barley conscious. Phillip felt Paul’s limbs start to stiffen and knew he was coming round. Phillip continued to work on Paul’s hard excited nipples until they were both red and incredibly hard.

Paul’s cock was sticking up in the air, stretching the sheer yellow fabric of his sexy trunks. Where the tip of his excited cock touched the fabric it was slick with his precum fluid. Phillip had Paul trapped and helpless on the verge of ejaculation, and they had only just started. Paul let out a painful gasp as he came round, “Yes welcome back boy, I’ve got you where I want you and your going to shoot those new sexy yellow trunks”, Phillip said. “Ahh fuck my back, my back, it feels like its breaking”, Paul groaned. “It should do punk - I’ve got you literally bent double”, Phillip stated. Paul shuddered and gasped as Phillip pressed down on his chest bending his back some more just to show him who was in charge.

“Well Paul as much as I like hurting you like this I suppose I’m going to have to make you come now”, Phillip announced. “Ohh you big bastard, just you wait”, Paul groaned. “Still defiant hey punk good. I like sarky little boys, it makes me even more vicious”, Phillip said, grabbing Paul’s hard excited cock. Paul shuddered and writhed as Phillip crushed his hard excited cock. It spasmed in Phillip’s hand leaking buckets of precum fluid. “Wow you’re hot for it boy, fucking hot for it”, Phillip said laughing loudly.

Phillip started to pump Paul’s excited cock while keeping him trapped in the very painful back breaker. “Ohh god no, please, please”, Paul gasped weakly. “Oh yes boy I’m going to make you come and make you come right now”, Phillip said as he brutally wanked Paul’s cock. It was just too much and Paul’s body stiffened and he screamed as his cock exploded. Phillip watched Paul’s cock pump his hot young spunk into his new sheer sexy yellow trunks. Paul came so hard and fierce that the spunk just poured out of his trunks onto the canvas.

“Yes boy, first win and first forced ejaculation to me”, Phillip said triumphantly. Phillip held Paul in the painful back breaker until his long violent ejaculation finally ended. Phillip let Paul’s exhausted body roll off his knee onto the canvas. Phillip returned to his corner and left Paul lying spent and exhausted in the centre of the ring lying in a pool of his own spent cum.

“Time to change those trunks kid”, Phillip said with a smirk. Phillip walked to one corner of the ring and waited as Paul dragged himself out of the ring and across to his sports bag then rummaged inside for something to replace the drenched yellow speedos. Phillip watched appreciatively as Paul stripped them off, enjoying the sight of those smooth buttocks and the reddened cock.

Paul pulled on a skimpy red leotard, not much more than a thong with straps, cut very low over his flat stomach and very high over his thighs. “All right big guy”, Paul said, rested and recovered. “Now it’s your turn”, he added. They squared up to each other in the centre of the ring. Phillip took in the sight of Paul in his new kit. It showed off his lean muscularity well and Phillip was aching to get Paul’s sexy young body into his hands again to work some more damage on it. Paul sensed Phillip’s lack of concentration and launched a flying drop kick at him. Normally Paul wouldn’t have the weight to do that much damage against Phillip with something like that, but caught momentarily off-guard Phillip stumbled and fell backwards and Paul was on top of him. Paul wrapped his long legs round Phillip’s head and drove his scantily clad crotch into Phillip’s face. “Now it’s your turn Phillip”, Paul said. “How do you like not being able to breathe?”, Paul asked.

Paul clamped on the pressure. His legs were strong and it was a good hold, but he simply hadn’t got the bulk yet to make it as effective a smother hold as Phillip’s version was. Phillip reached up and pulled Paul’s crotch harder into his face, working over Paul’s cock with his open mouth. It responded readily, stiffening and growing, stretching the thin material of his new leotard.

Paul realised his mistake, feeling Phillip beginning the process of pushing him to yet another forced ejaculation and tried to do something about it. Paul twisted his body fiercely from one side to the other, trying to work on Phillip’s neck muscles. Another mistake. Phillip was just too big for a slim lad like Paul to move in that way. Grunting, Phillip powered himself to his feet. Paul was helpless to stop him. Unwisely Paul kept hold of Phillip’s head in his legs scissors. As Phillip clambered up, dragging Paul with him, Phillip suddenly savagely kneed him in the small of the back. The unexpected blow made Paul loosen his scissors hold, but before he slipped loose, Phillip grabbed hold of his legs and stood fully up right. “Shit!”, Paul gasped. Phillip had him lined up for a classic Boston crab. Phillip took a moment to look down at the lean body, at the bulging red crotch, at the anxious young face staring defiantly up from the mat. “Time for some more fun Paul”, Phillip said. Throwing his weight into the movement, Phillip flipped Paul easily to one side. Phillip was astride Paul now, Paul’s legs tucked up tight under his armpits, but he waited for a moment, enjoying the anticipation. “Think you’re ready for this Paul?” Phillip asked. “Think your back can take it?”, he added The kid didn’t speak. He knew he was in for some major pain and he was trying to psyche himself up to endure it. Phillip smiled, knowing Paul didn’t stand a chance, and slowly Phillip sank into the dreaded Boston crab. Paul gasped as Phillip’s body bore down on his spine. Phillip paused half way into the full hold, relishing the sounds of pain he was wringing from the boy. Phillip slid his butt the length of Paul’s backbone, up and then down. The sensation stiffened Phillip’s own cock. “You know I’m gonna have to be careful Paul”, Phillip murmured over the boy’s groans. “Too much of this and I’m gonna come myself and you’ll have won the fall, Ain’t that a laugh?”, Phillip added. Phillip sank lower into the hold, pulling Paul’s long legs back until his boots were way over his own head.

Paul was crying out in agony now, his head thrashing back and forth as he beat the mat with his fists. “You bastard! You’re gonna break my back!”, Paul screamed. “So give good guy”, Phillip replied. “Never! Aaaaarrrggghhhhh!!!”, Paul gasped.

“Never say never Paul”, Phillip mocked, gyrating his arse slowly, screwing it into the boy’s back and pulling the vertebrae apart. Paul was bent like a bow underneath Phillip now, escape a complete impossibility. All he could do was hold on and endure.

Phillip went all out to make the suffering as intense as possible, rising slightly to his feet to relieve the pressure and then sinking back, again and again, riding the captive lad. Phillip let go of one leg. Paul gasped at the slight relief and then cried out again as Phillip compensated by pulling up even more cruelly on the other leg. Phillip slipped his free hand into Paul’s crotch. Just as Phillip thought, Paul’s dick was huge and hard once more. Phillip ran his finger gently around its outline. “You know Paul”, Phillip said softly, “I could take your cock in one hand right now and squeeze and squeeze until it blows off in your leotard, would you like that?”, Phillip asked.

The boy screamed out, unable to keep silent under this torment, but Phillip felt Paul’s cock jump involuntarily at his words. “Yeah”, Phillip crooned, and he gently stroked Paul’s dick with the palm of his hand, bringing on moans of confused pain and pleasure from the boy.

Abruptly Phillip released Paul. “But that would be too easy”, Phillip said, and he strode away, turning to look back at the wrecked lad lying shattered on the mat. Phillip allowed him all of two seconds respite then closed in once more. Phillip reached down and seized Paul’s two wrists. Paul was expecting Phillip to haul him to his feet. Instead Philip sank to the mat, jamming his two booted feet onto Paul’s shoulders on either side of his head. “Here’s a little something your friend Steve had me in once”, Phillip said. “He may even have tried it out on you, trust me though, he won’t have put as much into it as I can, heave!”, Phillip said in wicked delight. With that last word Phillip pulled back strongly on Paul’s arms and pushed his legs out, racking the boy in a sadistic arm stretch.

“No!, No!”, Paul shouted out. He arched his long, lean body, but Phillip’s grip was implacable and he couldn’t escape the rack Phillip had him in. Phillip leaned in and then lean back, pulling even harder than last time. Phillip really liked the sight of Paul’s body stretched out, slick with sweat and helpless beneath his boots.

“Hey Paul”, Phillip shouted to him. “You tried something on my neck a minute ago, wanna see how that sort of thing’s really done?”, Phillip asked. Phillip released Paul’s arms and reached down to his head. Phillip cupped Paul’s chin with both hands and pulled back, shoving down again with both legs. Paul’s jaw was clamped tight shut. Paul could only moan inarticulately as Phillip stretched out the corded muscles of his neck. “You’re gonna be a good six inches taller after tonight kid”, Phillip joked, pulling back on Paul’s chin again. “Unless your head comes off that is”, Phillip added. Paul clawed uselessly at Phillip’s hands. Phillip’s grip didn’t budge. Phillip cranked on his neck for another few minutes then let go.

Climbing to his feet, Phillip reached down, wrapping his fingers in Paul’s sweat soaked hair and pulled him to his feet. Phillip wrapped one arm around Paul’s unresisting body then pulled Paul’s head back with the hand he still had tangled in Paul’s hair. Phillip clamped his mouth onto Paul’s and driving his tongue deep in, thrusting his hard cock into Paul’s crotch and grinding at the soaked lycra.

When Phillip pulled away again, there was a brief look of hope in Paul’s eyes as if Phillip’s sudden show of affection signalled the end of his torment. He was wrong. “And now let me introduce you to the Hangman”, Phillip said. Phillip twisted him quickly round until they were back to back. Phillip kneeled, pulling Paul into him, Paul’s head over his shoulder and swiftly rose. Paul’s feet were off the ground and he was taking the whole weight of his body on his neck that Phillip had pulled back over his shoulder. Paul’s feet frantically kicked and thrashed as Phillip walked around the room with Paul in this agonising trap.

“Well boy how do like the hangman?”, Phillip asked Paul as Paul gasped and writhed bent painfully over his back. “Tough isn’t it kid?”, Phillip added, sinking lower and bending Paul’s back in an even tighter arc. “Arrgh fuck my back you bastard”, Paul groaned. “Yes boy now we are playing for real so submit boy now”, Phillip snapped. “Arggh, shit no you big cunt I won’t give”, Paul gasped defiantly. “Won’t give, won’t give boy”, Phillip stated. “Then suffer boy”, he added yanking back on Paul’s chin and stooping right down.

Paul screamed in agony as his back and neck were severely strained by the new position. Paul was bent right over, his neck pulled right back, the veins stuck out like cords in Paul’s strained neck. “You’re sure you don’t want to give kid?”, Phillip asked. “Ahhhhhh, fuck, yes, I give, I give”, Paul screamed. “That’s more like it boy, do what Daddy tells you”, Phillip said. Phillip straightened up and let Paul drop to the mats. Paul groaned as his body hit the mats and he rolled onto his back. “See boy their ain’t no-one to help you now you’re on your fucking own”, Phillip snapped as Paul lay groaning on the mats. “One on one, mono ‘a mono boy”, Phillip added. “A punk kid verses a real wrestler”, Phillip sneered.

Phillip circled round Paul as she lay on the mats snarling down at him. “Come on kid don’t lie there boy”, Phillip sneered. “Come boy get up, get the fuck up”, Phillip shouted. He reached down and dragged Paul wincing to his feet by his blonde hair. “OK kid, lets work you some more”, Phillip said, wrapping his left arm around Paul’s neck. Phillip clamped his left arm tight round Paul’s neck, trapping Paul’s neck in the crook of his elbow. Phillip flexed his arm muscle crushing Paul’s neck pressuring the chokehold. Paul gasped, hardly able to breathe and yanked frantically on Phillip’s arm with both hands. “Let go boy and let me choke you out”, Phillip whispered in Paul’s ear. “You know your loving it”, Phillip added sucking Paul’s lobe into his mouth and nibbling it.

Paul groaned and shuddered. “Bastard”, he gasped breathlessly. “Yes kid like your not enjoying it”, Phillip said. Paul’s cock was now rock hard and poking out like a lance from his body. It was stretching the thin flimsy lycra suit he was just about wearing. Precum fluid stained the lycra where the head of his flaring cock touched it. The thin lycra was stretched right out allowing his weighty balls to hang down free of the flimsy suit. A shudder of excitement ran through Paul’s’ body as he pulled desperately on Phillip’s choking forearm.

“I said let go boy”, Phillip snapped grabbing Paul’s right arm. Phillip yanked it behind Paul’s back and applied a painful hammerlock. Paul winced in pain as Phillip forced his right arm high up his back. “Yeah boy what you’re going to do now then?”, Phillip asked.

Both your pansy arms couldn’t budge me, now there’s only one”, Phillip sneered. Clamped his arm tighter around Paul’s Phillip neck and forced his rights arm even higher up his back. Paul groaned and was forced onto tiptoes to try and ease the pressure on his cruelly bent arms. Paul shuddered weakly in Phillip’s arms, weakening with every second he applied the cruel double hold. Phillip kept the pressure until he felt Paul’s body relaxing. “Going to choke you out this time Paul”, Phillip whispered in Paul’s ear.

Paul’s legs started to give and Paul groaned as his bent arms were forced to take the extra pressure of his body weight. Paul’s failing legs also increased the pressure on the chokehold cutting off his air supply altogether. Although Paul’s legs gave way his cock remained rock hard and leaking plenty of precum fluid. “You’re hot for it kid, you must love being dominated”, Phillip said huskily in his ear. Phillip smiled as he felt Paul’s body shiver with fear as he realised he couldn’t breathe and Phillip had him helpless. “Yeah boy your mine all mine”, Phillip whispered in his ear. Phillip held Paul like this for a few more seconds then eased off the pressure on his neck just enough to allow him to breathe.

“Just as much as I would love to put you out Paul”, Phillip said. “I want you conscious to appreciate what I’m going to do next boy”, he added. Phillip felt Paul shiver, he didn’t know whether it was in fear or excitement. Judging from the size of Paul’s hard twitching cock, it was probably a little of both. Paul was too weak and short of breath to speak, he just sucked in what air Phillip’s constricting forearm would let him. “OK kid I’m going to enjoy this and I bet you will too”, Phillip said.

Phillip marched Paul towards the ropes and held him close to them. Paul’s hard cock stuck out like a pole from his groin. Phillip eased Paul an inch or two forward until the damp head of his hard excited cock was brushing against the middle rope. A shudder of excitement ran through Paul’s body as his cock brushed the middle rope. “Mmm, like it boy do you?”, Phillip asked. “Good because you’re going to get a lot more of it, a hell of a lot more of it kid”, he added. Phillip twisted Paul left and right running his cock head over the rough fibres of the rope, delighting in his gasps and helpless shudders of excitement.

Paul’s foreskin had peeled back as his cock grew fully erect leaving his highly sensitive knob end exposed. The thin lycra of his skimpy suit was the only barrier between his sensitive cock head and the rough fibres of the middle rope. Paul’s suit was soaked with his precum fluid, rendering what slight protection it could have offered useless. The rough fibres teased and caressed his cock head as Phillip ran it over the middle rope. “Ohh my cock, my cock”, Paul gasped writhing in Phillip’s hands.

“Yeah kid your going to shoot again for sure”, Phillip said. Phillip inched Paul forward pressing his dripping cock harder into the middle rope. “Ohh you cunt”, Paul moaned weakly as the exciting pressure on his cock increased even more. “Yeah boy your going to cream again”, Phillip said with a wide grin. Phillip started to walk Paul round the ring keeping his cock on the middle rope. The head of Paul’s cock was dragged over the rough rope teasing it wickedly, driving him wild with excitement.

“Ohh fuck my cock, my cock you cunt”, Paul gasped shuddering helplessly. “Yeah kid you’re going to cream your sexy little suit”, Phillip whispered in his ear. “No way no way”. Paul protested. “Oh yeah kid like you’re going to do something about it”, Phillip sneered. “Yeah, I’ll, escape and, I’ll, turn the tables”, Paul said breathlessly. “Huh you’re helpless and on the verge of another ejaculation and you’re going to escape”, Phillip exclaimed. “Get real kid”, he snapped. “You’ll see big guy, you’ll see”, Paul replied.

“All you’ll see kid is stars”, Phillip said slamming Paul’s face into the top turnbuckle. “Oooof, you bastard”, Paul groaned his head spinning from the vicious slam. “OK kid time to play a nice little game before I make you come again”, Phillip said. “Its called postman prat”, he added. Phillip quickly released Paul from the chokehold but held on to his right arm. Before Paul could move or react, Phillip span him round by the right arm and sent him flying into a corner post.

Paul groaned as his back was slammed hard into the corner post. The impact threw him back out of the corner into Phillip’s waiting arms. “Like that kid?”, Phillip asked catching Paul and setting him up for another posting. “See I’m the postman and your the prat kid”, Phillip said hurling him across the ring into the opposite post. Paul groaned louder as his back was slammed painfully into the corner post again. Paul bounced out of the corner and Phillip caught him again. “See the postman always does his job and that’s posting you kid”, Phillip said with a wicked grin as he sent Paul flying into the opposite corner.

Paul staggered stiffly out of the corner barely able to stand, his back aching from the vicious postings. Phillip trapped Paul back in the chokehold and hammerlock, smiling as he felt Paul’s body shudder weakly. “Oh yes boy we can’t neglect your hard dripping cock can we”, Phillip said in Paul’s ear as Paul trembled in his grasp. If the postings had hurt Paul they hadn’t effected his erection, Paul’s cock was iron hard oozing precum fluid. Phillip marched Paul towards the ropes and started to rub his hard cock over the centre rope. Paul gasped shivering with excitement and his cock twitched wildly from the burning stimulation of the middle rope.

“Yes kid I’m going to get you to the very point of shooting”, Phillip whispered in Paul’s ear. “Then post you some more”, he added. Paul was gasping and writhing wildly by the time Phillip stopped rubbing his all but exploding cock over the middle rope. “OK boy here we go again”, Phillip said spinning Paul round and sending him flying into the corner. Phillip turned his back and walked round the ring. “I bet you loved that hard posting on your aching back”, Phillip said. “I think I’ll be kind and post you front ways this time”, Phillip said. “The trouble is boy that iron hard cock of yours will probably snap off at the root when it hits the turnbuckle”, Phillip added.

What Phillip didn’t see as his back was turned, was Paul stopping him self from hitting the post with his arms. Paul had recovered while Phillip worked his cock on the middle rope and was just waiting for his chance to escape. He jumped up onto the top rope and nimbly flipped head over heals. Phillip turned to catch up Paul as he was thrown out of the corner, but Phillip stopped in shock when Philip saw Paul flying through the air towards him. Paul opened his legs and they went both sides of Phillip’s head.

Phillip grunted as Paul’s groin collided with his face. Paul locked his legs round Phillip’s head trapping it tight between his thighs. Phillip staggered back dazed by the collision, trapped in Paul’s surprise head scissors. “OK down you go big guy, I’ve turned the tables as promised”, Paul said. “Only in your dreams boy and they’ll be wet ones”, Phillip sneered. Phillip reached up and grabbed Paul’s thighs intending to prise them apart and throw him down to the canvas. Paul reached down and grabbed Phillip between the legs.

Phillip’s eyes widened in shock as he felt Paul catch hold of his balls with a good firm grip. Paul smiled into Phillip’s shocked face, he had Phillip’s balls well and truly trapped in his hand and he started to squeeze. Phillip groaned and tried to hold on but the pain became too much and his legs collapsed and he dropped to the canvas with Paul on top of him. Paul kept the head scissors on and rolled Phillip onto his side. He lay beside Phillip and flexing his thigh muscles making Phillip gasp and groan.

“This is one bitch of a head scissors big guy”, Paul said beaming into Phillip’s red sweating face trapped between his young strong thighs. “I think it could crack your skull”, he added with a wink. He wasn’t joking Phillip thought his head felt like it was going to explode any second “But I can still do better gig guy”, Paul said reaching between Phillip’s legs. He grabbed Phillip’s balls and squeezed them. Phillip gasped and shuddered in agony. Phillip’s cock was trying to burst out of his speedos soaking them with precum fluid. “You’ll submit very soon big guy”, Paul said with a grin. “I may even accept it before I make you come”, he added. “But on the other hand”, he sneered, squeezing Phillip’s balls hard.

Phillip moaned and screamed but Paul showed no mercy, squeezing Phillip’s head between his young thighs and mauling Phillip’s balls with his hand. He worked Phillip for long minutes, enjoying the revenge for Phillip’s harsh treatment of him. “Like it big boy?” Paul taunted. “Of course you do”, he replied as Phillip groaned out in response.

Abruptly Paul released his head scissors, but not his grip on Phillip’s nuts. Standing, he pulled Phillip to his feet. Warily Phillip had no choice but to obey. The killing pressure on Phillip’s balls has lessened but he knew Paul would squeeze again at the slightest sign of disobedience. Paul humiliated Phillip, leading him around the ring by his crotch, laughing at his discomfort. Paul’s skimpy lycra leotard did nothing to hide his obvious pleasure at having turned the tables on Phillip. “You’re gonna pay for this kid”, Phillip growled. “You’re gonna be so sorry when I get out of this”, he added. “Yeah, yeah”, Paul replied brushing the statement aside.

Paul backed Phillip into a corner post. “And now”, he teased. Paul released Phillip and for a second he was too stunned by the blessed relief from pain to guess what Paul was up to. Then Paul’s devastating drop kick caught Phillip square in the jaw. Caught between Paul’s flying leather boots and the corner post Phillip dropped to the mat like a sack of bricks, momentarily too dazed to defend himself against what Paul had planned next.

While Philip sprawled helplessly, Paul sprang over the ropes. Standing on the ring apron he grabbed Phillip’s boots and pulled them towards him, catching Phillip’s legs on either side of the bottom rope. Paul waited there grinning until Phillip was together enough to see what he was about to do. “You liked introducing me to the ropes Phillip”, Paul said with a wide grin. “So I thought I’d return the favour”, he added. Before Phillip could protest, Paul jumped from the ring apron to the floor below, holding on firmly to both of Phillip’s boots. Phillip was pulled after him, the taut, thick bottom rope rushing up into his crotch and slamming painfully into his balls. “Shit!!!”, Phillip screamed.

Paul laughed. He didn’t let go of Phillip’s boots, even as Phillip writhed on the edge of the ring clutching his aching cobs. Paul climbed back up. “You like that?, course you do, let’s do it again!”, Paul said. He leaped down again yanking Phillip once more onto the rope which was only slightly more flexible than an iron bar, smashing it into Phillip’s nuts and practically wedging it up his arse. Paul climbed back onto the apron and this time leaned back, holding onto Phillip’s boots and heaving, pulling him into the rope and holding him there, screaming out his pain in abuse and inarticulate shrieks.

When Paul released Phillip’s boots, he was too knackered to do anything except roll over on the mat, clutching his maimed balls and moaning softly. Paul leapt over the top rope, full of cocky enthusiasm again. Paul circled Phillip, taking in the sight of him curled up there, then threw himself high into the air and crashed down onto Phillip, driving his elbow into Phillip’s back. “This isn’t my usual style Phillip”, Paul said, panting as he clambered back to his feet. “But let’s just say you’ve driven me to it”, he added and he launched himself into the air again for another devastating elbow drop. Phillip twisted and turned but could do little to avoid the hail of elbow drops the lad rained down on him, to back, stomach, and one well-placed smash into his nuts.

“And now”, Paul said, dripping with sweat and breathing heavily from his exertions, “Here’s a little something else you tried on me earlier”. Paul dropped to the canvas, catching up Phillip’s head again between his muscular thighs. This time the hold was on higher. He was covering Phillip’s face with his crotch, shoving the sweat and cum soaked lycra into Phillip’s nose and mouth. Phillip heard him speaking as if from way above him. “So how long do you think you can hold out Philip?”, Paul asked. Feebly Phillip clawed at Paul’s legs, but Paul had well and truly weakened him and Phillip knew he was not going to be able to break out of this smother before his oxygen starved brain blacked out.

Dimly Phillip was aware when Paul released him and he felt Paul’s hands on the waistband of his trunks. Phillip was unable to stop Paul as he pulled Phillip’s trunks down, yanking them over his thrusting cock and throwing them to one side. Phillip felt himself being dragged across the canvas but it took a good minute before he could see what Paul was up to. Paul dragged Phillip to one of the corner posts. Phillip was sprawled with his back to the post and Paul hooked Phillip’s legs through the bottom rope, one on either side of the post. The spread was cruel, putting a tearing strain on Phillip’s groin. As Phillip struggled for full consciousness, he reached out to do something about it. “Ah, ah”, Paul taunted, we don’t want these waving about do we?”, Paul said, and he grabbed Phillip’s wrists pulling them behind him. Phillip finally came to full consciousness too late to prevent Paul carrying out his plan. Dangling behind the corner post was something Phillip had forgotten, the rope used by tag team partners. Paul used this to lash Phillip’s hands together and tie them to the post behind him. Phillip was trussed up helplessly on the corner post, completely at Paul’s mercy.

Paul leapt back into the ring and sauntered round in front of Phillip, drinking in the sight of his powerful frame in its hopeless predicament. Phillip was dreading the thought of the well-deserved revenge this lad was going to carry out, but the thought of being unable to stop this handsome boy doing exactly what he wants to with Phillip’s body was turning him on like crazy. Phillip’s cock jutted up like a rock against his belly. Paul looked at it. “Think you’re going to enjoy this Phillip?” he asked. He touched the tip of Phillip’s dick lightly with one hand, while rubbing his own prodigious hard on with the other. Phillip shuddered and twisted as far as he was able. Even that slight movement caused added strain on his already over-stretched crotch.

Paul climbed up the ropes. Facing Phillip, with boots on either side of his body, on the middle ropes, all Phillip could see was Paul’s bulging young crotch, the lycra so soaked now it was virtually transparent, the club-like cock visibly purple and trembling in its enthusiasm. “Nothing to stop you taking this now Phillip, just a flimsy bit of lycra, take it big man” Paul said grinding his crotch into Phillip’s face and Phillip was helpless to stop him. Paul rubbed his aching tool hard over Phillip’s face, following Phillip as he shook his head from side to side to escape the humiliation.

With a sigh Paul jumped back down to the mat. “Much more of that and you’d win again Phillip”, he said. “And we can’t have that, can we?”, he added, stepping back to take one last in my look at Phillip. “Time I think, to end this round favour, and we know how we do that don’t we Phillip?”, Paul said with a wicked grin.

Paul moved in. He reached out for Phillip’s cock and pulled it down, stretching it against its natural erection until Phillip gasped. Holding it jutting out, Paul straddled it facing Philip, grasping it pitilessly between his smooth, strong thighs. Paul shoved his crotch in and squeezed. Phillip gasped. The sensation was like electricity shooting through him. Phillip knew he was not going to be able to hold out long against this treatment. Paul knew it too and laughed. He shoved and squeezed again and again working up a rhythm that grew faster and faster, pushing Phillip inevitably to a forced ejaculation. “Fight it Phillip”, he gloated. “Fight it all you want, it won’t make any difference”, he added.

Suddenly Paul reached up for Phillip’s pecs with both hands and clawed at Phillip’s tits. Phillip screamed, his brain unable to cope with the combined pleasure and pain. “Yeah”, Paul said. He clawed pitilessly at Phillip’s tits, not letting up the rhythm of his grinding for an instant. “Pay back time you bastard”, he sneered.

When Phillip came, his hot juice shot powerfully between Paul’s legs, spattering right the way across the ring. Paul clenched and unclenched his thighs working away at Phillip’s cock until his balls had been drained of every last drop of come, Paul gave Phillip’s nipples a couple of vicious tweaks for good measure. He punched Phillip in the gut, then fell back to the canvas and lay there panting heavily from his exertions. Still trussed up helplessly Phillip could only hang there waiting for Paul to release him. Eventually Paul set Phillip free. Phillip collapsed to the mat, literally drained. Paul walked over to his corner and leaned back against his corner post. “OK Phillip”, Paul said. “Time for you to change”, he added. Paul nodded to Phillip’s kit bag and its contents of wrestling gear. “And make it something sexy eh?”, he stated.

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