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image from page 3 of the illustrated male v male fighting story book hostel hostilities available from battle annals


cover of hostel hostilities the male v male illustrated male v male fighting storybook illustrations by Manflesh available from battle annals


Extract from the male v male illustrated fighting storybook hostel hostilities available from battle annals illustrations by Manflesh


Hostel Hostilities

Andy cycled up to the youth hostel. It was later than he planned and arrived in the dark, the last part of the day’s journey taking much longer than expected. He locked his bike up and removed his bags from the back of the bike.

When Andy checked in he found the hostel virtually full and ended up sharing a small dormitory for eight with two other men who had already checked in. When Andy went into the small dormitory the other two occupants were not there, but their bags were on the first two beds. Andy chose a bed on the opposite side of the small dormitory. Andy was twenty six years old and 5’10”, he had very short blond hair. Andy had a fit athletic body with a swimmers build from all the cycling he did, he had strong legs and thighs. The tight fitting lycra cycle gear Andy wore clung to his athletic body like a second skin leaving very little to the imagination.

Andy’s lycra cycling gear was an even tighter fit as it was mid summer and it had been a very long hot ride. He stripped off his sweaty lyrca cycling gear and slipped on a pair of pyjama bottoms and went in search of the showers. When Andy returned refreshed from the shower the other two occupants still hadn’t arrived. Andy was tired from his long day’s ride particularly the last long stretch, so he decided to go to bed. It was a hot night so he lay on top of the covers. It wasn’t long before he was asleep.

Andy came awake with a start, the light was on and it dazzled his eyes for a few seconds. It took a little while for Andy to remember where he was. He looked up when his eyes grew accustomed to the light and saw that he had been awakened by the return of the other two occupants. Andy had guessed right about them probably going to the pub. From their high spirits and loud voices, it was clear they had been drinking.

They were laughing and joking and hadn’t noticed him lying on a bed at the other end of the small dormitory. They had only switched on the single light bulb above the first four beds, Andy remained hidden in the shadows of the last four beds. One of them was only 5’7” with short dark hair with a lean wiry looking body. He wore a white tight fitting vest and jogging bottoms with black trainers. The other one was tall and heavy set. He was about 6’2”, and stocky with broad shoulders and a little overweight but still very imposing. He wore a light blue T-shirt and jeans with caterpillar tan work boots. They stood by the first two beds arguing about something, the argument had clearly been going on for some time and was growing in intensity.

“Anyway Jason you were wrong mate”, the large guy said to his smaller companion. “No I wasn’t big guy and we both know it”, Jason replied. “You were as you always are no matter how pig headed you are”, the big guy stated. “Look Mark I am right this time despite your failure to agree as usual”, Jason replied. “Yeah, well we are never going to agree little guy”, Mark said. “That a challenge big guy?”, Jason asked. “Is the Pope catholic little guy”, Mark replied. “OK Wrestling. Then its about time I beat you again big guy”, Jason said. “Only in your dreams little man”, Mark replied.

Andy watched Mark and Jason push the beds back and clear a space to wrestle in. “I can’t wait to make you eat your words big guy”, Jason said as he pulled his vest off. “Huh, that will be the day little guy”, Mark replied, kicking his trainers off and slipping his T-shirt over his head. Mark removed his jeans and stripped down to a pair of white Calvin Klein trunk briefs. “It will be this day big guy”, Jason said removing his jeans and stripping down to a pair of red tanga briefs. “OK put a few duvets on the floor, four should do”, he added. “OK will do”, Mark replied stripping the duvets off the nearest beds.

Mark laid the four duvets down on the cleared space. “OK that should do it. Are you ready little guy”, Mark said. “Anytime you are big guy”, Jason replied. “OK little guy lets do it”, Mark said stepping forward and grabbing hold of Jason with both arms. He lifted Jason off his feet and squeezed. Jason groaned as Mark trapped him in a bear hug. “Let see what you can take little guy”, Mark said squeezing hard. Jason gasped, his body going stiff as Mark pressured the bear hug. “Ohhhh shit my back”, Jason groaned. “Yeah boy feel the power of my arms”, Mark said squeezing harder. “Ahhh noooo”, Jason groaned as Mark crushed his lower back with the bear hug.

Mark kept clamping the bear hug on until Jason hung back over his arms moaning weakly. “Yeah little man you know who the strongest is”, Mark said releasing him from the bear hug and letting him drop to the floor. Jason grunted as he hit the floor and lay there moaning, holding his lower back. “Ahh my back you big cunt”, Jason moaned. “Yeah boy time to hurt it some more”, Mark said, scooping Jason up off the floor and throwing him over his shoulders. Mark draped Jason over his shoulders and pulled down on Jason’s neck and legs.

“Ahh fuck my back you cunt”, Jason gasped as Mark bent Jason’s back over his shoulders. Yeah boy lets hear you scream”, Mark said, bending Jason’s body tighter over his shoulders. Jason screamed in pain as his back was bent tighter over Mark’s large broad shoulders, applying more painful pressure to his lower back. “Fuck, bastard”, Jason groaned. “Want to say something or are you enjoying it too much little guy”, Mark asked, as he held Jason’s body bent over his shoulders. “Huh no way not a chance”, Jason replied. “Sure about that little guy”, Mark asked dropping to his knees, jarring Jason’s bent back as he hit the floor.

Andy was going to roll back over and try to ignore Mark and Jason’s argument, but something in the tone of their voices made him hesitate. He watched them start to wrestle and found it amusing at first but as Mark the bigger guy started to dominate Jason the smaller guy, making him suffer in the bear hug, Andy started to get really interested. Amusement quickly changed to excitement, as Andy watched Mark dominate and make Jason suffer, he started to get aroused. He felt his cock start to stiffen as he watched Mark lift Jason onto his shoulders and start to bend Jason’s back across his shoulders.

“Ahhh fuck you arsehole”, Jason gasped as he hung over Mark’s broad shoulders. “How about now little guy?”, Mark asked. “No piss off”, Jason replied painfully. “OK I’ll just have to try something else”, Mark said standing up and letting Jason drop backwards off his shoulders. “No don’t”, Jason cried in alarm as he dropped off Mark’s shoulders. Jason grunted as he hit the floor jarring his back again and rolled over onto his belly. “Ohh you cunt my back, ….. just you wait big guy”, Jason moaned as he lay face down hands clasping his aching lower back. “Wait for what little guy?”, Mark asked as he stomped Jason to the lower back.

“Ohhh you bastard, you big cunt”, Jason gasped and rolled onto his back. “Get up and wrestle me little guy”, Mark said. “Or if you just lay there I’ll just have to keep doing this”, he added stomping Jason to the belly. “Bastard, bastard”, Jason hissed breathlessly clutching his belly. “Well-you going to get up little guy?”, Mark asked stepping back. “Yes you cunt, if only to sort you out”, Jason replied. He struggled to his knees and knelt holding his stomach. “I thought you were getting up and fighting little guy”, Mark said as he stood behind Jason. “I am see satisfied big guy”, Jason replied climbing to his feet.

“Yes very much so, I was just waiting for this”, Mark said as he locked his arms round Jason’s neck applying a sleeper. “Ohh you sneaky bastard let go, ….. let go”, Jason gasped in shock. “Oh no little guy I’ve got you where I want you”, Mark replied. He clamped the choke hold on tighter making it almost impossible for Jason to breathe. “Shit, let go, …. let go”, Jason gasped breathlessly clawing at Mark’s arms. “No way little guy, … no way”, Mark replied, lifting Jason up still in the choke hold until his feet were off the ground. “Well what do you say now little guy?”, Mark asked tightening the choke hold a little more.

Andy watched intently now, as Mark continued working on Jason, slamming him to the floor and then trapping him in a choke hold. Andy was particularly excited by Mark trapping Jason in a choke hold. Seeing Mark choke Jason and have him helpless was particularly arousing, as he wondered what it would feel like to be in that position himself. Andy’s cock kept getting harder and more excited as he watched the battle unfold. By the time Mark held Jason up off the floor in the choke hold, legs kicking feebly in the air, Andy’s cock was fully erect.

“Ahhhhhhh, shit, OK, ..OK, ….. I give”, Jason croaked as he hung in the choke hold legs kicking helplessly. “About time too little guy. I wouldn’t want to you put you out”, Mark replied giving one last squeeze on the choke hold. “Not just yet anyway”, he added as he released the choke hold and let Jason drop to the floor. “Ohh shit my neck and my back you big cunt”, Jason moaned as he knelt rubbing his neck and arching his back to ease the pain. “Just wait big guy you going to get it for this”, Jason added. “Huh you reckon, look I’m shaking in my boots”, Mark replied. He stood over Jason as Jason lay on the floor smiling at his downed smaller opponent.

“Its isn’t a case of being scared big guy”, Jason replied as he glared up at Mark. “Its just a case of me putting you down and keeping you down”, Jason added. “Big words for a little man”, Mark exclaimed as he kicked Jason in the ribs. “Oh you bastard”, Jason groaned rolling onto his back. “How about me keeping you down little guy”, Mark said dropping down to one knee and scooping Jason up by his neck and crotch. “Time for a nice cross knee back breaker”, Mark added as he draped Jason across his knee. “Oh no, ….. shit, don’t you bastard”, Jason shouted. “Save it little guy, your going to need all your breath for screaming”, Mark replied.

Mark held Jason balanced over his right knee with one hand on his head and the other on his right thigh. Mark pressed down on Jason’s head and thigh bending Jason over his knee. Jason groaned as his back was bent over Mark’s knee applying painful pressure to his lower back. “This is fun isn’t it little guy”, Mark said as he bent Jason’s back tighter over his knee. “Ahhh fuck, … my back, …. my back”, Jason gasped, his body shuddering from the pain. “Let me out of this you big dumb cunt”, Jason shouted. “What when you’re enjoying it little guy”, Mark replied noting the erection in Jason’s briefs.

Jason’s cock had hardened as Mark bent Jason over his knee, and it was now visible in his thin tight fitting red tanga briefs. Andy couldn’t help looking at Jason’s hard cock, it was almost as hard and excited as his own. Seeing Jason bent helplessly over Mark’s knee was very arousing for Andy, he had fantasised about being in that position himself many times. Jason clearly had mixed emotions about the hold, cursing and complaining, yet clearly turned on by it. Going to give again boy?”, Mark asked pressing with both hands and bending Jason even tighter over his knee. “No way get lost”, Jason replied painfully. “Sure about that little guy?”, Mark asked wrapping his legs round Jason’s to keep them in place. “Positive big guy”, Jason replied.

Mark clasped Jason’s neck with his right hand. He was now able to hold Jason in place with his right hand and legs. Mark’s left hand was now free to do other things to Jason helpless and undefended body. “One last chance little guy”, Mark said holding his hand over Jason’s belly so his fingers just brushed Jason’s skin. Jason flinched at the touch and his cock hardened visibly in his tight fitting red briefs, but he didn’t say anything. Mark balled his fist and raised his hand higher before driving it into Jason’s stretched and undefended belly. “Ooooof, ….. you bastard”, Jason gasped breathlessly as he took the hard belly punch.

A second, then a third punch made Jason gasp louder and twist violently on Mark’s knee. “Going to give now little guy?”, Mark asked as he clawed Jason’s belly. “Ahhh shit no, my belly,… no please”, Jason shouted painfully. “Give up little guy all you have to do is give up”, Mark stated as he continued to claw Jason’s belly. “Never to you arsehole never”, Jason replied angrily the pain clear in his voice. “Think about it little guy you’re only going to suffer more”, Mark said releasing Jason’s belly from the stomach claw. “You will give, we both know that, its just how long and how much pain you can take boy”, Mark replied. “I can take anything you can give and more you big cunt”, Jason replied breathlessly.

“Can you boy, can you”, Mark said with a wicked smile on his face. “You’re enjoying it, that’s obvious, but is that enough”, he added. Andy could see that Jason’s cock was now fully erect and sticking up like a tent pole in his red tanga briefs. His large hard cock stretched the thin red cotton staining it with his precum fluid. Sweat beaded on Andy’s body and he could feel his heart beat faster and faster in his chest as he watched Mark torture Jason’s belly. His own cock was now fully erect and very excited, even the touch of his cotton pyjamas was exhilarating making it throb. “Well going to give boy?”, Mark asked punching Jason repeatedly in his tight stretched and undefended belly.

The punches were not as hard as the first three. However Jason’s belly was much more tender now, and the constant punches made him twist and writhe in pain. The room was filled with the soft smack of Mark’s knuckled fist striking Jason’s belly and Jason’s gasps of pain. “Come on give up little man give up now”, Mark demanded as he continued to pound Jason’s belly. “Ohh fuck my guts my guts, you bastard”, Jason moaned shuddering helplessly. “Give up boy”, Mark demanded as he stopped knuckling Jason’s belly but started to slap it instead.

“Ahhh shit no, ..ohhh fuck”, Jason gasped as Mark slapped his tender defenceless belly. The sound of hard stinging slaps connecting with soft flesh filled the room. Jason twisted violently on Mark’s knee, his belly and midriff turning bright red. Andy wondered if he could keep control. It was so exciting and arousing, to see one of his hottest fantasies played out before his eyes, it was almost as much as he could take. “Going to give now little guy”, Mark asked as he continued to slap Jason. Mark worked his way systematically up and down Jason’s upper body landing stinging slaps from the belt line of Jason’s briefs up to his chest.

The hard stinging slaps turned Jason’s flesh bright red and made it look incredibly sore. “Well boy do you give?”, Mark asked, finally stopping his cruel slapping of Jason’s belly, but held his hand over Jason’s belly ready to start again. “No big guy you’re not getting another submission out of me”, Jason gasped in reply, his belly still smarting from the vicious slapping. “Sure about that boy?”, Mark asked clawing Jason’s smarting sore red flesh. “Ohhhh you bastard, you bastard”, Jason moaned writhing in pain on Mark’s knee. “All you have to do is say I give little man”, Mark said as Jason hung writhing over his knee.

Mark let go of Jason’s neck and started to pinch and tease his nipples while continuing to claw his belly. “Ahh fuck my nipples you cunt”, Jason cursed as he writhed helplessly over Mark’s knee. “Come on Jason you know you’re going to give, … so give up boy”, Mark demanded redoubling his efforts on Jason’s belly and nipples. “No way no way I can take it”, Jason croaked weakly. “Can you boy I don’t think so”, Mark stated. “You’ll give or come maybe, by the look of that iron hard throbbing cock”, Mark added with a wicked smile. “No you wouldn’t”, Jason replied in shock reading Mark’s mind. “Why not, all is fair in love and wrestling little guy”, Mark said, moving his hand towards Jason’s iron hard cock poking upright in his tight firing tanga briefs. “OK, …OK, big cunt, I give, …. I give”, Mark sighed in resignation. “About time too little guy”, Mark replied rolling Jason off his knee. “Pity though I’d have loved draining that hard cock”, he added as he stood up.

“Oh you big arsehole”, Jason moaned as he lay on his back, hand clasped to his brow chest heaving. “Yeah, yeah just because you’ve conceded two submissions little guy”, Mark exclaimed. “Don’t worry big guy you have a big fall coming”, Jason said. “Is that so with you lying there beaten and out of it you really think so?”, Mark asked. “Yeah I’ve beat, you many times big guy”, Jason replied. “Well get up and beat me again then little guy”, Mark said challenging Jason. “OK, I will, .. but give me a moment to get my breath back”, Jason replied standing up. “OK little guy take five”, Mark said standing back. Mark waited arms folded in front of him for Jason to recover his breath.

Thank god Andy, thought wiping his brow, the break would give him a chance to calm down and regain control of his all but exploding cock. Andy realised how lucky he had been to stumble across these two wrestlers and to be able to watch them wrestle. Relieved as he was for the break he couldn’t wait for them to start again. After a few minutes of waiting Mark said. “Come on little guy, you’ve had long enough now”. “OK big guy OK”, Jason replied. “If your ready for the arse kicking, .. so am I”, Jason added. “So am I little guy, so am I, so lets do it”, Mark said moving forward.

Jason was quick of the mark, much quicker than Mark. As soon as he saw Mark moving towards him he rushed forward closing the gap in a few steps and leapt up in the air to deliver a two footed drop kick to Mark’s chest. Mark grunted and staggered back as Jason’s feet slammed into his chest. “How did you like that big guy?”, Jason asked. “Not bad, not bad, but I’m still standing little guy”, Mark replied. “Sure about that big guy”, Jason asked leaping up and delivering a standing drop kick to Mark’s chest. “Ahh, you little shit”, Mark groaned dropping to his knees, clutching his chest. “You felt that one then big guy”, Jason quipped as Mark glared angrily at him.

“Time to lie down big guy”, Jason said kneeing Mark to the side of the head. “Ohh you cunt”, Mark groaned dropping to the floor clutching his head. “Make hay little guy”, Mark said as he lay on his back rubbing the side of his head. “I intend to big guy”, Jason replied dropping down and driving his knee into Mark’s belly. “Ohhhhh you bastard”, Mark gasped breathlessly. Jason slipped astride Mark’s chest to stop him rolling over and doubling up. “You’re going to pay for those two little guy”, Mark said, starting to struggle as Jason tried to force his arms to the floor. “Oh no little guy you’re not heavy or strong enough for that”, Mark said, easily stopping Jason from pinning his arms to the floor.

“Oh no big guy, well I don’t have to be”, Jason said as he hopped up and dropped down driving his bum into Mark’s chest. Mark grunted as Jason’s bum slammed his chest but still held on firm when Jason tried to force his arms down. “No chance little guy”, Mark said as Jason tried to force his arms to the floor. “Want to bet big guy”, Jason replied delivering another two bum slams to Mark’s chest. These had more effect on Mark making him grunt loud but he still held on. It took four more bum slams to Mark’s chest leaving him slightly winded, before Jason was able to force Mark’s arms to the floor above his head.

“Got you in the end big guy”, Jason said inching up Mark’s chest moving his crotch towards Mark’s face. Jason didn’t stop until Mark’s head was trapped deep between his thighs, and his hard excited cock bulging in his tight red briefs was literally brushing against Mark’s chin. “OK big guy, time to put my cock in your face”, Jason said, pressing his bulging crotch into Mark’s face. “Not the first time I know, but maybe not so welcome this time”, he added. “Mmnnnnnp, …mnnnnhg”, Mark mumbled unable to breathe properly and struggling to free himself. “No need to thank me big guy it’s a pleasure”, Jason said, as he held the crotch smother on. “Going to give big guy or do you want me to put you out?”, Jason asked. “Mnnn, ..mmnp”, Mark replied shaking his head, his reply muffled by Jason’s smothering crotch.

“Sure you don’t. I know you like me dominating you big guy”, Jason stated. It was true as far as Andy could see the bulge in Mark’s white Calvin Klein trunk briefs was expanding rapidly. Andy had cooled down and calmed down while Mark waited for Jason to recover. However since Jason had turned the tables on Mark and was now getting his own back by dominating Mark, Andy’s excitement was growing again. Andy could feel his cock start to stiffen back to full erection. Watching Jason dominate Mark, a much larger guy was quite arousing, particularly since he had Mark pinned and was smothering him with his bulging crotch. The crotch smother was another one of Andy’s fantasy wrestling positions that he often dreamed about being in. Seeing Jason pin and dominate Mark like this made Andy’s heart quicken and his cock stiffen.

“Just going to lay there are you big guy?”, Jason asked. “Turning you on big guy is it”, he added with a wicked knowing smile. “Mmph, nmp”, Mark mumbled as he started to struggle, trying to unseat Jason. Although Jason was smaller and lighter than Mark, he still couldn’t get Jason off, he was weakened by lack of air in his lungs. “What’s up big guy, too weak to get a little guy like me off are you?”, Jason sneered as he kept his choking crotch smother on. Mark made another effort to throw Jason off, he bridged his body and managed to raise his shoulders off the floor. Jason slammed his bum down into Mark’s chest and Mark was too weak to maintain the bridge and slumped back down to the floor with Jason still firmly in place on his shoulders and face.

“Ohh dear big guy, looks like your down and out for the count”, Jason said holding Mark’s arms pinned to the floor above his head and ramming his bulging crotch into Mark’s flushed face. “Mmmmp, … mmnp, …mnnp”, Mark mumbled incoherently twisting his head from side to side, too weak to do much else. “Yeah, got you big guy and we both know it”, Jason said with a delighted smile on his face. Mark’s cock was sticking up like a tent pole in his Calvin Klein trunk briefs. Andy’s cock was now equally as hard again as he watched Jason smother his larger, heavier and definitely stronger opponent.

Mark struggled for another minute twisting and wriggling helplessly underneath Jason, then just lay still. He stared up glassy eyed, his face flushed red into Jason leering face. “Shall I put you out big guy?”, asked. “No I think I’ll have more fun first, as I know exactly what turns you on”, he added, answering his own question. Jason eased the crotch smother off just enough to allow Mark to breathe and stop him from passing out. He slipped off Mark and trapped Mark’s head between his thighs. “Yeah, you’re favourite big guy the head scissors”. Mark said, flexing his thigh muscles and squeezing Mark’s head between his thighs.

“You like this one don’t you big guy?”, Jason said as he crushed Mark’s head with his thighs. “This one will get you going and have the maximum effect on that big cock of yours”, Jason added. Mine as well Andy thought as he watched Jason use his head scissors on Mark. “Ohh you sneaky little shit”, Mark groaned breathlessly trying to prise Jason’s legs apart. “Maybe big guy if you weren’t so weak but not now”, Jason said dismissing Mark’s attempts to force his legs apart. Jason flexed his thigh muscles tightening the grip. “Yeah got you big guy and you love it judging by the size of your cock.”, Jason said, looking at Mark’s hard excited cock sticking up in his briefs.

Jason kept flexing his thigh muscles crushing Mark’s head making him flinch. “Can’t get enough of this can you big guy”, Jason said as Mark writhed between his legs, caught in his head scissors. Mark’s resistance and struggles slowed then stopped altogether, and he just lay there, his head trapped between Jason’s crushing thighs. “Going to give to me big guy?”, Jason asked. “Yeah, OK, ……OK, ..I give”, Mark croaked. “Yeah, not so tough really are you big guy”, Jason said. “Particularly when you’re enjoying it”, he added. Jason eased back removing his crotch from Mark’s mouth. “OK big guy, a figure four to finish you off I think”, Jason said, slipping behind Mark and trapping his head in a figure four chokehold.

Jason sat right behind Marks’ head and pulled Mark’s head between his thighs letting it rest on his bulging crotch. Jason wrapped his right leg round Mark’s head trapping Mark’s head in the crook of his knee. He pulled his right leg up tightly squeezing Mark’s head between his thigh and calf. Jason then pressed his left leg under his right leg and pulled considerably tightening the chokehold on Mark’s head. Jason’s legs formed a crude figure four and he used the highly effective chokehold to squeeze the life out of Mark.

“How do you like this one big guy?”, Jason asked as he crushed Mark’s head with his figure four chokehold. “Judging by that cock, you love it big guy”, Jason added. It was true. Mark’s cock was now harder than ever poking up in his Calvin Klein’s, stretching the cotton fabric very tightly as it tried to burst out. “Want me to put you out big guy?”, Jason asked as Mark’s body trembled between his legs. “Or maybe you’d prefer me to make you come”, Jason asked. A violent shudder ran through Mark’s body and his cock twitched visibly in his tightly stretched briefs. “I’ll take that as a yes big guy”, Jason said with a broad satisfied smile on his face. “You know I may even give you a real treat and do both”, he added.

Jason reached forward and started to undo the buttons on Mark’s Calvin Klein trunk briefs. After a little bit of fumbling he was able to open them and free Marks hard excited cock. Mark’s cock was fully erect, a dark red colour swollen by great arousal. The head was peeled back slick with precum fluid. Jason grabbed hold of Mark’s cock laughing as Mark gasped and trembled at his touch. “Yeah, big guy you’re really hot for it”, Jason said as he started to pump Mark’s cock. “This won’t take long, big guy you’re practically coming now”, Jason added. Then he looked up as Andy gasped in the shadows very close to shooting himself.

Andy had watched Jason reduce Mark, a larger heavier foe, to a limp rag doll with his head scissors. It was exciting watching Mark, the bigger guy, dominate Jason a lighter smaller guy. However now Jason had turned the tables and was dominating Mark, the bigger heavier guy, it was even more exciting. Andy was sweating again his cock hard and trembling with excitement. When Jason trapped Mark in a figure four choke hold, the sexiest hold Andy had ever seen one guy put on another, he wondered if he would be able to hold on and not come in his pyjamas.

It became an even more difficult task when Jason got Mark’s hard excited cock out of his briefs and started to wank it. That was just about as much as Andy couldn’t take it and he let out an excited gasp and nearly came in his pyjamas. Andy knew he had given himself away as Jason looked up and stared into the shadows. Jason stared into the shadows of the room startled by the excited gasp he’d heard. After staring for a long time, Jason could make out a dark figure lying on the bed at the far end of the room.

“Hey big guy, I think we have an audience”, Jason said. He hadn’t eased the figure four chokehold or stopped wanking Mark’s cock, and he had Mark on the very edge of ejaculation. “Oh shit no Jason, … stop please not in front of someone else”, Mark pleaded, clearly shocked by Jason’s revelation. “Oh no big guy, that makes it even more important I make you come”, Jason replied, squeezing Mark’s cock hard. “Ooh shit no,, . nooooooooooooooooooooooooo”, Mark screamed as his cock exploded shooting a long jet of come into the air. Jason kept pumping Mark’s cock and managed to force a few more jets of come out of his hard excited cock.

By Friar FFF Battle-annals copyright 2002 full version available from were you can enjoy the rest of Mark and Jason's match whne they involve Andy as well. This illustrated storybook has nine graphic action packed illustration by Manflesh

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Cover of the male v male illustrated wrestling storybook Alex gets what he always wanted and more available from battle annals


extract from the male v male wrestling illustrated storybook Alex gets all he always wanted and more available from battle annals


Alex Gets What He Always Wanted And More

Alex sat eyeing the large guy standing across at the bar drinking. This was definitely the type of guy any one would look more than twice at. At first it was the size of the guy that attracted Alex's attention he was tall a 6' 2 with wide shoulders and a well defined muscled body. His dark skin complemented his solid handsome face. The guy wore sweat pants with a white T-cut vest that displayed his large muscled arms and shoulders. The guys solid broad chest and wash board stomach could be seen beneath the tight fitting vest. Alex couldn't keep his eyes off the large impressive dark torso.

Alex had always fantasised about larger guys particularly larger coloured guys. He was about average build himself or just below in truth. He had a lean athletic body with a narrow waist and a flat firm stomach. He was shorter than the guy at the bar standing 5'9 with much narrower shoulders. Yes the guy was much more impressive than Alex. That fact however didn't stop Alex fantasising about wrestling this big guy. He had always wanted to wrestle a large strong coloured guy just like the one standing just a few yards away at the bar.

Alex had been staring at the guy while he day dreamed about wrestling him. Whether the guy noticed Alex's vacant stare or just became aware of Alex's constant gaze, Alex never found out. Alex came out of his day dream when he realised that the guy wasn't standing at the bar anymore. If fact the guy was walking towards him, Alex glanced either side and noticed he was on his own. The guy must be making for me Alex thought a little shiver of fear and excitement ran through Alex's body at the thought of meeting this big guy.

"Hi my name is Carl", the big guy said offering his hand. "Eh, uh, hi my name is Alex", Alex replied hastily standing up and taking Carl's hand. Alex winced slightly as Carl's large strong hand squeezed his own. "You like what you see Alex you've been looking long enough?", Carl asked. "Oh I'm sorry was I staring", Alex replied. "You know you were and I bet you’re not sorry really", Carl said. "Well eh, em I didn't mean to eh", Alex stuttered in reply. "Its OK Alex I'm not looking for a fight, well I am I suppose", Carl said. "But from the looks you gave me I bet you are as well", Carl added.

"Wrestling", Carl whispered as he stared into Alex' face. Alex felt a shiver run up his spine as Carl stared into his eyes. "Yes Carl where and when", Alex replied quietly. "My place in an hour OK", Carl replied. Alex was just about ask where Carl's place was as Carl thrust a business card into his hand. Alex studied the card reading the address. "Yes Carl I know where that is", Alex said looking up. However to his surprise Carl was nowhere to be seen.

Now's my chance to chicken out Alex thought to himself. However that's what Carl expects me to do that's why he disappeared Alex mused. Alex considered the notion then made up his mind to go. About an hour later he was buzzing the intercom to Carl's apartment. "Hi you made it then Alex", Carl's voice said from the intercom. "Of course I never turn a wrestling match down", Alex replied with more confidence than he felt. "Don't you, it's the entrance on the third landing 38B", Carl's voice replied. The door buzzed and Alex pushed it open and entered.

Carl was waiting at the open door when Alex got there. He was still wearing his T-cut vest but had a pair of brief grey cotton shorts on. Alex noted that Carl's legs were equally as impressive as his arms and upper body. He had strong thick muscular thighs and solid chunky calves. Alex wondered what it would feel like to be trapped between those powerful thighs. He felt his cock begin to stir with excitement at the thought of it. "Come in Alex every thing is ready we can get right down to it", Carl said.

Carl led Alex into his apartment then into a room that was devoid of all furniture. The room was about twelve foot by sixteen foot', more than adequate to wrestle in. The floor was covered in thick matting and similar matting but thinner was attached to the walls up to head height. "Here's were we wrestle boy OK with you?", Carl asked. "All I can say is wow its great, fucking perfect", Alex replied. "OK lets get changed and we can get right to it", Carl stated.

Carl led Alex into his living room. "What do you wrestling in boy?", Carl asked. "I'm doing it in just my shorts", he added. Carl peeled off his vest to display his large impressive chest and shoulders. Alex couldn't help staring at Carl's muscled arms and wide shoulders. Carl kicked off his trainers and stood waiting for Alex. Alex kicked off his own trainers then peeled of his sweatshirt. He slipped off his jogging bottoms followed by his briefs. He was conscious of Carl watching his intently as he slipped on a black jock and a pair of unlined yellow nylon shorts. Carl couldn't have helped notice his semi-hard cock. Alex had become aroused looking at Carl's muscular body. Alex elected to wrestle in just his shorts the same as Carl. Alex stood there in his yellow shorts with a sparse triangle of pubic hair rising above the waistband.

"Ready now Alex?", Carl asked. Alex followed Carl back into the mat room. Carl waited for Alex to walk to the opposite end of the room then closed the door behind him. Alex noticed that even the door was padded with matting up to head height. "My wrestling can get a little enthusiastic, well occasionally anyway", Carl said as he noticed Alex starring at the padded walls. "OK ready boy", Carl said stepping into the centre of the room. Alex stooped in a wrestlers crouch but was surprised when Carl just moved straight towards him.

Alex brought his arms up as Carl stepped in close they locked shoulders and began to wrestle. Alex was astounded at Carl's strength, he fought hard yet Carl was easily beating him. Alex struggled to keep his head up but it was no good Carl forced it down below his shoulders and dragged Alex's head under his arm. Alex groaned as his head was crushed by Carl's powerful arms muscles. Carl wrenched Alex's' head about straining his neck muscles, he flexed his muscles making it difficult for Alex to breathe. Fuck we've only just started thought Alex gasping for breath. Alex clawed at Carl's choking arm, but it was like trying to pull on a thick branch off a tree.

Carl swung Alex over his hip and they both dropped to the mats. Alex groaned as he hit the mats hard with Carl half on top of him. Carl continued to pressure the headlock keeping Alex's face pressed into the mats. Alex was trapped he couldn't move his right arm it was pinned beneath his body and Carl's body pinned his left arm to Alex's side. "How's this feel Alex like my body so much now boy?", Carl asked. Carl flexed his muscles making Alex gasp then rolled Alex onto his back and released him from the headlock. Before Alex could move or recover from the head lock. Carl climbed astride Alex's chest and pinned Alex's arm to the floor above his head.

Carl pushed on Alex's pinned arms stretching them until Alex's arm muscles stood out clearly from the strain. "Aren't you supposed to be trying to get out of this Alex?", Carl asked. As Alex lay there grimacing. "Here let me make it a little easier for you", Carl said. He sat up and eased the pressure on Alex's arms. Alex tried to raise his arms he managed to get them a couple of inches off the mats before Carl forced them back down. Alex gritted his teeth and tried again he pushed up hard straining as hard as he could. Alex managed to get his arms a few more inches higher before Carl forced them back down. "Come on boy your not trying you a weak little punk or what?", Carl asked. Alex kept on trying but each time Carl just forced his arms back down until Alex's arms were too weak to try.

"Well Alex if you’re just going to lie there I'm going to play with you some more", Carl stated. Carl lowered himself until he was lying full length on top of Alex. Carl still held Alex's arm to the floor above his head. Their faces were now almost touching, Carl leered down into Alex's concerned face. Carl pressed his body down into Alex's ensuring his groin bore into Alex's. Alex gasped as Carl rubbed his groin against his semi-hard cock. Their close body proximity and the pressure on Alex's cock made it harden rapidly. "I see your hot for it Alex", Carl said with a laugh. "Oh shit no", Alex gasped. "Very hot it seems boy", Carl said laughing again.

Carl slipped his legs between Alex's and applied a grapevine. Alex groaned as his legs were forced apart by the grapevine. "Make a wish turkey", Carl said as he forced Alex's thighs wide apart. "Argh, shit, no my groin, oh god", Alex screamed as his groin was spread wide. Carl opened his legs until he had Alex's legs spread wide and straining. At the same time he pushed on Alex's arms stretching them further. Carl had Alex's body stretched and strained in this painful double hold. The pressure on Alex's body was evident from the corded muscles on his staining arms and legs.

"Want to say something Alex?", Carl asked. "Like what Carl", Alex groaned. "Like, I give, I submit", Carl said. "No mate not yet", Alex replied. "No, oh well you must be liking it then Alex", Carl said. "You sure Alex because I'm going to keep you like this until you do boy", Carl added. Carl pressured both holds spreading Alex's thighs wider and stretching his arms. Alex groaned as the extra strain was applied to his groin and arms. His muscles protested bitterly at the increased strain on their already overworked condition. Alex shuddered as cramps started in his arms and legs. Sweat dripped of his aching widely stretched body. The double hold hurt like hell yet it excited Alex as well. His cock was now fully erect trying to escape the confinement of his jock and shorts.

"I think its time to give now Alex don't you?", Carl asked with a wide smile. Carl applied more pressure to Alex's arms and legs. "Oh god my groin, my arms fuck it", Alex groaned. "Give it up boy give it up", Carl barked as he brutally jerked Alex's thighs wider apart. "Oh shit, oh shit, no way fuck you", Alex groaned. "I said give it up boy now", Carl snapped as he jerked Alex's thighs wide again. Alex's face was contorted with agony and he held on as long as he could. In the end trembling and dripping with sweat he had no choice. "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeergh, ooh, yes, yes , I give, I fucking give", Alex gasped. "That's one to me Alex", Carl said as he released Alex and got up. "Well boy what do you think of my body now?", Carl asked flexing his biceps and glaring down at Alex still lying groaning on the floor. "You like it that's very obvious stands out a mile", Carl said laughing as he stared at the tent pole in Alex's shorts.

Alex sighed and rolled over onto his belly he lay there for a few seconds then got to his knees. Alex knelt on the mats holding his head moaning trying to recover. Carl stepped behind Alex and waited for a minute. "You came here to wrestle or what boy", he asked. "Wrestle of course why", Alex replied climbing to his feet. "Oh just checking you've been lying around long enough", Carl said. As Alex's head came up level with Carl's shoulders Carl wrapped his left arm around Alex's neck "What the fuck, oh no", Alex exclaimed as Carl's arm locked around his neck. "Oh yes, lets see how much you like choke holds Alex", Carl said.

Carl tightened his chokehold on Alex's neck making Alex gasp as he struggled to breathe. Alex clawed at Carl's right arm with both hands trying the free his neck from the chokehold. Carl grabbed Alex's right arm and hammer locked it up behind Alex's back "Argh, shit my arm", Alex groaned as Carl locked it painfully up behind his back Carl pressed Alex's arm higher while applying more pressure to Alex's throat. "Urrgh, mnpff, I can't breathe", Alex croaked. "Want to give Alex?", Carl asked. Alex gasped and cursed as he struggled to get free but didn't reply. "I asked if you want to give or should I put you out boy?", Carl inquired.

"Eh, I, eh, ...I,....I, oh god, I....,eh,...I, urgh", Alex gasped. Alex tried to force out the words I submit but it was very difficult with Carl squeezing his throat. "What Alex I didn't here you do you want to give?", Carl asked with wry smile. As Alex tried to answer Carl clamped the chokehold on tighter. "Eh, I..., I......, www,..... ww.... tttt...... mmmnpf", Alex gasped. "Speak up boy don't mumble your words or its going to be lights out", Carl stated. Carl smiled when he felt Alex's body stiffen as his warning sunk in.

Alex knew he was in trouble the choke hold was rapidly draining his strength and he could hardly speak Alex faced a KO unless he managed to say I give, but with the chokehold it was nearly impossible. Alex knew he was helpless like this at Carl's mercy, he realised that Carl was strong enough to do anything. That just didn't bear thinking about trapped as he was. A shudder ran through Alex's' body and he felt his cock twitch in his jock. It was now very hard stretching his jock and shorts, tenting the front. Carls' arm tightened and he felt himself starting to go. Alex's mind wandered as his body was starved of more and more oxygen.

"Wow Alex you are loving this boy that's some fucking stork you got there for a white boy", Carl exclaimed as he noticed Alex's jutting crotch. "This is too good to waste on a KO", Carl added. He eased the pressure on Alex's throat just enough to allow Alex to keep conscious. "You like this don't you punk?", Carl asked. He pushed Alex's arm higher straining the shoulder joint and biceps, making Alex groan. Carl pressed his body against Alex's to hold Alex's arm in place allowing him to free his right arm. "Yes now we can have some fun with your body Alex", Carl said softly into Alex's ear. Carl laughed when Alex's body shivered.

Carl reached round with his right hand and grabbed hold of Alex's right nipple. Carl pinched and twisted Alex's right nipple until he had it nice and hard. Alex groaned as Carl tortured his right nipple he felt his cock surging with the increasing pain in his nipple. Alex grunted as Carl slammed his fist into his chest a couple of times. "Oh yeah Alex this is fun boy", Carl said softly. He drove the heel of his right hand into Alex's solar plexus. Alex let out a strangled groan he was already struggling to breathe and the hard blow to his solar plexus didn't make it any easier. Carl grabbed Alex's belly with his open hand and clawed it making Alex writhe and shudder. "Ahhh, fuck my gut you bastard". Alex cursed. Carl balled his fist and slammed several times into Alex's' defenceless stomach. As each punch connected Alex let out a weak grunt, he thrashed about unable to bend over and ease the fiery pain in his belly. "Oh you prick, you bastard", Alex groaned. "What", Carl snapped as he grabbed and clawed Alex's belly again. Alex suffered doubly this time his stomach muscles were already burning from the cruel punches. He writhed in Carl's arms as Carl clawed his belly. Carl stopped clawing Alex's belly and pressed his forefinger into Alex's navel. he pressed it in hard twisting left then right . "I know where I would like to be doing this Alex and not with my finger", Carl said with a grin. "That'll be the day", Alex gasped. "Oh yeah boy feel like your in a position to stop me", Carl asked. "Yes I came here to wrestle", Alex replied. "That so Alex", Carl said. "Yes it is Carl", Alex replied.

"OK Alex I like a challenge lets see you try and stop me then", Carl stated. "First I'm going to work your tits over again", he added. Alex gasped as Carl's hand twisted his left nipple right round. Carl ignored Alex's protests and went to work on his nipples. Alex's curses turned to gasps and groans as Carl cruelly teased Alex's nipples. "Oh my nipples, oh fuck off you bastard", Alex groaned. "Come on Alex your supposed to be stopping me", Carl said sarcastically.

"Fuck off let me go", Alex snapped. "No your going to stop me remember Alex, so come on stop me", Carl said. He fired a couple of punches into Alex's belly making him grunt. "Come on punk stop me then", Carl added. He grabbed Alex's hard erect cock and squeezed it hard. Alex yelped and flailed around as Carl crushed erect excited cock. Carl crushed Alex's cock head and twisted it round making him shudder helplessly. "I've got you boy and you know it, so admit it punk", Carl said. He squeezed tighter on Alex's neck while continuing to crush Alex's excited cock.

Alex just groaned weakly he was short of breath and unable to move. Carl was wickedly crushing his cock and he was now very excited and close to losing control. "Come on Alex now your not only facing a KO but JO as well punk", Carl said. "If you can excuse the pun", he added laughing loudly. Alex shuddered helplessly trapped in Carl's choke hold and cock crush. "Well boy you can give, come or pass out", Carl stated. "Which one do you want to chose Alex?", Carl asked. "Or should I just make you suffer all three punk", he added. Carl laughed again as another violent shudder ran though Alex's body. "Well Alex what's your choice boy?", Carl asked as he started to pump Alex's cock. "Ohh, god, no...oh, shit.. no, I....I.....I, give, I fucking give", Alex screamed.

Carl held Alex in the hold while pumping his cock for a few more seconds just to let Alex know he was the one in control. Carl got up and left Alex groaning on the mats chest heaving. Alex lay there struggling not to come Carl had pushed him to the very brink of ejaculation. Alex was still teetering on the edge and he fought to pull himself back. "Well punk when you going to get up and wrestle", Carl asked. "Oh god give me a break, Alex replied breathlessly. "I'll give you a break, I'll break your scrawny neck boy", Carl snapped with a grin. "Come on lets wrestle that's what you came here to do isn't it Alex", Carl said. "OK, OK, just let me get up", Alex replied. Carl stepped back and let Alex get up. "OK Alex lets wrestle boy", Carl said moving towards his opponent.

By Friar FFF Battle-annals copyright 2002 full version available from were you can enjoy the rest of Alex's match Carl and the great, four coloured illustrations by FILIPO